Finding the Best Kitchen Theme for Your Home


The best interior designers follow current trends faithfully – or properly defy them. It is an age-old saying that, before you break something you must first learn to make it. Kitchen interior designs aren’t as simple as you would aspect, as there are various ways to make the kitchen stand out in your home without struggling too much with the restraints that you need to consider. With the efficiency of the internet, you can browse various websites of kitchen suppliers and interior design catalogues to add items to your shopping list. Listed here are some theme ideas to keep in in mind when brainstorming on what to implement to your home.


The allure of a traditional house made from brick, stone, and wood is a dream come true for most homeowners; that’s why they make it their lifelong mission to turn their dreams into a reality by buying authentic materials such as oak and stone to recreate their own personalised space in the face of modern condominiums and studios. To recreate the rustic look, you need to focus on sepia-toned colours. But some homeowners have already made it a quirky trait to go for cooler tones while remaining consistent with the type of furniture installed. Matching your wooden or tiled floor with an equally elegant granite worktop can make for a great alternative to expensive marble and wooden worktops that are often problematic when it comes to stains and scratches.


Minimalist homes often make use of little to no space by having merely the essentials. Minimalist kitchen designs make use of wall space and even the nooks and crannies of cabinets to create accents such as backlights, so different sources of light can create depth and colour in a room that seemingly has none. Utensils and plates are mostly kept inside flat-colour cabinets to show an almost blank canvass every time you find yourself in the kitchen.


This theme seems to come straight from the future, with matching smart devices littered across the room. The Metallic motif concept mostly borrows elements from kitchens that professionals use and sports sleek installations such as stainless-steel cabinets paired with silverware and containers that look like they are straight out of a five-star restaurant. A metallic or light-dark coloured worktop often creates high contrast with the bright hue of the flooring and ceiling. A reverse of these colours could make for anexciting play on the monochromatic shades that you often see.


Organic kitchen designs blend both metallic and minimalist themes while adding a splash of arbitrary shapes and tones into the mix. The look is relatively easy to replicate by merely installing flat coloured kitchen cabinets but adding spots of greenery here and there. Hanging plants from the ceiling, installing a trellis on a blank coloured wall, and even having small potted plants throughout the area, can help introduce a sense of organic shapes to break away from the strict boxed forms of the modern kitchen. The sharp contrast between natural and artificial blends together nicely with the aid of plain and wild colours.


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