Most Appreciated Dishes of the Spanish Cuisine 


Spanish cuisine is essentially based on the Mediterranean diet and includes typical ingredients of the area, such as lots of vegetables, fruits, garlic, onions. Also, lots of poultry and fish, depending on the region. Pork and beef are not lacking either. It is cooked with olive oil, and they like to use herbs and spices.

It is a cuisine that has always been recognized as one of the best in the world. Its exquisite dishes, stews and traditional recipes on the menu, as in every other country, have been affected by its historical trajectory and geographical situation. Therefore, the diversity of Spain’s regions and soils have contributed to making it a diverse and renowned cuisine.

Keep in mind that Spanish gastronomy has been influenced by the numerous discoveries 16th century navigators made during the different conquests carried out through Latin America, Asia and Africa. As a result of these events various spices and new foods were brought back; namely: tomatoes, potatoes, vanilla, different kinds of peas, chocolate.

And also by the long time occupations of the territories the Iberian Peninsula has undergone: Phoenician, Greek, Roman and also Moorish, each of them bringing spices, foods such as almonds, oranges, lemons and ways of preparing dishes.

Most relevant characteristics  

The main feature that distinguished Spanish gastronomy is that it is very seasoned. They like adding large amounts of spices, garlic, herbs, pepper, onion, among others. So, for example, one of the main dishes requested by diners is prepared just using olive oil, which provides its distinctive flavor.

Furthermore, the preferred ingredient used in almost all preparations is the smoked paprika, considered the most important spice in Spanish cuisine. They used it to intensify the flavor and color in many dishes.

Another distinctive characteristic of the Spanish foods is the extensive use of rice in many preparations, since Spaniards appreciate very much this grain in all its types.

The other important spice in Spanish cuisine is saffron, frequently used because of its characteristic penetrating flavor. Also, saffron adds a delicate aroma to some representative dishes of this gastronomy.

And if we talk about seafood, Spain has many succulent delicacies to offer, since all its coastal regions are very rich in this type of product. Among those you can find lobsters, snow crabs, blue crabs, shrimps, squids, oysters, very appreciated in coastal areas.

Other emblematic foods you find in Spanish dishes are cheese, eggs, beans, almonds and bread.

Spanish food is unique and tastefully satisfying. Whether homemade preparations, restaurant delicacies or even just tapas to share with friends, it is a cuisine that always pleases the most discerning palate.

One of the most famous dishes of Spanish cuisine is the Spanish rice, which is the right accompaniment to steak, chicken, and seafood. In the link you will learn about the ingredients and how to prepare it, as well as some other aspects about it you will appreciate.

Typical Spanish dishes  

There are several dishes that characterized the Spanish cuisine, which long ago gained popularity, not only in Spain, but around the world. Some examples are:

  • Tapas: They are small portions of food to accompany a drink (wine, beer or cider are the most common, but whatever you like). Tapas can be snacks, canapés, or small plates. They are served as appetizers in most bars and restaurants. They are consumed any time of the day or night, and come in many different forms and vary from town to another.

  • Paella: It is the national dish of Spanish gastronomy. It perfectly combines the typical flavors and aromas of the Spanish sofrito, prepared with ingredients such as red bell pepper, tomato, garlic and olive oil. Additionally, other elements are added, such as monkfish, squid rings, succulent mussels and shrimps, which are highly appreciated by food and seafood.

  • Spanish Gaspacho: It is a cold soup prepared with various ingredients such as olive oil, vinegar, water, raw vegetables. Also, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and garlic. This is the most famous cold vegetable puree soup.

  • Omelette: It is a tortilla to which chopped potatoes and fried garlic are added.

Typical Spanish cuisine stands out for its originality and the different flavors and national traditions derived from the diverse places of the country and from abroad. After all, Spain is a multicultural country.


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