The Ideal Tortilla for your Tacos Dorados  


The varied Mexican cuisine offers dishes that have become popular not only in Mexico, but also internationally. One of these are the famous tacos in their different varieties, being tacos dorados, also known as golden tacos, one of the most appreciated.

Discover here how to prepare the base of the tacos dorados, the tortilla. Also, you will learn about some of the presentations you can cook for this magnificent Mexican dish.

The tortilla for tacos dorados  

Golden tacos are one of the most basic types of tacos, as they simply consist of a corn tortilla rolled with a filling of your choice. This makes tacos dorados an economical and filling meal par excellence.

These tortillas are made of white corn flour, which are normally used for tacos.


It is easy to prepare the tortilla: Just follow the directions below:

  • Pour 175 g of nixtamalized instant corn flour into a bowl and mix it with the salt. This nixtamalized flour is used because its grain is cooked together with a quantity of lime, which gives the dough a very specific and unique texture and flavor.

  • Add the slightly warm water little by little while stirring with the fingers of one hand. The dough should be soft, although not excessively, but it should keep its shape and you press it with a finger so you can make little balls with it without problems.

  • If you have a comal, that’s great. But if not, you can cook the corn tortillas on a non-stick griddle or frying pan. It is important that it is very hot and over high heat, which you can regulate or lower as needed, so that the tortillas are well done.

  • Divide the dough into small balls of the size that best suits us, depending on the size you want the tortillas. Most people like them rather small, because they are more comfortable to eat.

  • Flatten them slightly and if you have a press or tortilla press, which is what they use in Mexico to flatten the dough, it is easier to make the tortilla. If not, place the ball between two pieces of plastic wrap and flatten with something that has weight, such as the oven tray. The important thing is that they should be as thin as possible, just several millimeters thick.

  • You can also stretch with the classic rolling pin, although the shape and the result will be more irregular. In any case, you can always use the typical ring and get perfect edges. Once we have the tortilla with the definitive form we turn it over with the help of the film on the hand and we throw it on the griddle or griddle that must be very hot.

For an appetizing recipe of tacos dorados just visit the link in which you will learn to prepare your tacos with the proper tortillas we just have described. There you will also get more information about tacos and how to cook them.

Presentations of tacos dorados  

This great dish has many different presentations. They are practical, delicious and very easy to make. The most common are:

Creamy golden chicken tacos  

For these chicken tacos dorados the filling is prepared with cream cheese and ground chipotle.

Golden beef tacos in green sauce  

The beef used as filling is stewed with a delicious green sauce. If you prepared a broth a few days before and you have leftover meat to shred, take advantage of it with this recipe.

Cottage cheese golden tacos  

A Mexican food option without meat stuffed with cottage cheese, with which you will have the crunchy texture of tacos. They have a soft filling of cottage cheese stewed with onion, garlic and epazote. Perfect for the day you don’t want to eat meat or as a vegetarian option if you eat cheese.

Vegetarian carrot tacos dorados  

Prepared with carrot filling, stewed in ancho chili broth and served with a delicious vegan almond-based cream with cashews, lime juice and coconut oil.

Tuna tacos dorados with guacamole  

Filled with tuna and accompanied with a delicious guacamole, so it is perfect for hot seasons, or for the days of Lent. With these tacos you mix different chili flavors, textures and they are a great option to eat fish.


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