Things to Consider when Applying for Canadian Citizenship


In order to become a citizen of any place, there are some formalities and legal procedures that a person needs to pass. Once you pass these legal proceedings, you are entitled to get the citizenship of a nation. Same is the case with Canada. The nation has its own set of rules and legislations which you must follow to become a citizen of the place. If you want to become a citizen in Canada, you must go through the naturalization procedure which means you need to pass the Canadian Citizenship test. The test needs enough preparation and there are some eligibility criteria which a candidate should meet before going for the test.

Take a look of some of the points to consider when applying for Canadian citizenship:

  1. You can only take the citizenship test, if you are aging between 18 to 54 years when you apply for the citizenship. Minor cannot sit in the test.
  2. The right way to apply for the test is to fill the citizenship test application form online and send it to IRCC. Once the process is done, you get a notice of the scheduled date of your test.
  3. Basically, the test is all about what you know about Canada. It is in written format and the questions majorly depend on rights, freedom and responsibilities of the Canadian citizens, democracy, society and ways to take part in social proceedings, physical and political geography, social and cultural history and symbols, political and military history with questions about monarchy, political system and branches of government.
  4. All the data is available in the guide book Discover Canada- Right and Responsibilities of Citizenship. You can either download the PDF online, read the guide online, see sample papers and guide questions or get its physical copy and prepare for your citizenship test.
  5. Once your schedule is sent, if you are available then agree and if you are not available, then you can postpone it and schedule it on a different date. But you need to give appropriate reason for re-scheduling.
  6. When you go for the test, you need to bring the original documents you have mailed with your application, passport and travel documents used in the last 5 years.
  7. Your test could be in oral or written. It is available in tow languages English and French.
  8. After the test is done you get the results immediately. If you pass and meet the other citizenship requirements, then you get a ceremony date on your results date or you can get a scheduled date of your ceremony.
  9. the ceremony takes place usually within three months of your test. At the ceremony you take the oath of citizenship and get your citizenship certification.
  10. In case, you do not pass the test then the organizers arrange a second test for you.

This is the simple process to get Canadian citizenship. If you want to be a citizen of Canada, then just click here and fill the form.


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