Suffering From Crippling Fears: Here’s How You Can Combat Them!


Everyone fears of something and in some way, it’s important, because fear is the only thing that keeps us safe in the threatening and dreaded situations. But, when they became haywire,  that minor fear turns into a phobia!

With the phobia, the threats to major injuries and even death highly blows up. For instance, it might look like a lizard on the wall will fall on your face and will do major harms to you, but perhaps it’s just going to sit there, ignoring you. Further, a person suffering from the fear of lizards might move into his parent’s room or get out of the house, but someone without phobia will simply ignore it. That’s the difference!

How Do These Phobia’s Generate?

In scientific terms, a phobia is just an extreme aversion of some situation, place or anything. Some also call it a bad experience someone has faced in the past. But, no matter where these fears come from, you can always work on them to go on with your life.

Here are some of the tried techniques that can help you deal with your phobias

Face Your Fears

While you can easily avoid the situation of fear, when it comes to conquering the situation,  facing them is the key!

Further, the avoidance will make you feel better for a short time only and will also prevent you from understanding that your phobia might not be as frightening as you think. You will overcome your fear gradually by exposing yourself to the situation where you feel safe and controlled.

For instance, if you fear of flying, take more flights than normal, or talk with a fear of flying treatment provider. This will help you learn more about anxiety and fear to vanish it completely.  With each exposure to the situation, you will feel more confident.

Learn To Calm Down

When you are afraid of something, you experience various uncomfortable symptoms like suffocation, heart racing and more. These circumstances can be dreaded making your phobia more distressing. However, if you know how to calm yourself, you will become more confident and will be able to cope up with the uncomfortable situations. To do this:

  • Try deep breathing, shallow breathing exercises to work on the anxiety and to soothe your panic
  • Use your senses like look anything that makes you feel relaxed, listen to music and more
  • Try meditation doe anxiety relief

Climb The Ladder Of Your Negative Thoughts

People suffering from phobia are often overestimate about how fearful the situation will be if they are exposed to the things they fear the most.  Further, the fearful thoughts that fuel phobias are mostly unrealistic and negative. So, deal with these negative thoughts and challenge your thinking.

Take Help From A Therapist Or Medication

A Therapist Or Medication

Asking a professional to help you recover is perfectly OKAY! The therapist will talk with you about the fear and will help you recover with ease. Since they are professionals and has been dealing with ‘n’ number of patients, they will easily understand your situation to help you live a happy life.

Do It Anyway

If you don’t want the fears to come into your life, deal with them or push them away. Yes!  Fearful situations might be scary for you, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Do it anyway and come over from the situation. Go hiking or venture in the woods if darkness fears you, try flying if you fear of airplanes. Let the anxiety come in situations and do your best to push it.

So, those are tried tricks you can try to get over fears and phobias that are hampering your life.


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