Skin Showing Ageing Signs? Try These Anti Aging Techniques Now


The way we live our lives in the 21st-century makes it more important than ever for us to look our best at all times and hold back the hands of time. The rise of social media and advances in treatments carried out by the aesthetic anti-aging clinic Baton Rouge means every selfie can look perfect in the future. Whether choosing regenerative medicine, hormone therapy, or fusion therapy, the options at Metaglow can meet the demands of almost every patient.

Regenerative medicine

The use of regenerative medicine is one area a top aesthetic anti-aging clinic Baton Rouge will be up to date in using as a solid option for halting the decline of the body. Among the different symptoms treated using regenerative medical techniques are menopause, migraines, diabetes, and and ropause. Low testosterone has been one of the major problems for men as they enter middle-age with their libido decreasing and their cells lacking the ability to restore themselves.

Regenerative medicine takes many forms and is offering important advances in reducing the effects of aging caused by an inability of stem cells to regenerate as they do earlier in life. Stem cell therapies are offering individuals the chance to explore the options open to them in fighting the effects of aging by stimulating the regeneration of these cells to fight wrinkles, a loss of energy, and losing the glow of youth.

Hormone therapies

The anti-aging industry tends to focus its efforts on making the appearance of the skin and body younger to the viewer. However, Metaglow understands anti-aging can be based on how an individual act and feels throughout their life when they feel age is catching up with them. Hormone replacement therapies are often thought of as being the domain of women in middle age and above who are looking to fight the effects of menopause. Hormone therapies are now available to all genders and can take different forms depending on the age of the patient and their reported symptoms. Hormone therapies offered by an aesthetic anti aging clinic Baton Rouge are created to suit the needs of the individual and are monitored throughout the treatment by an experienced physician.

Skin tightening for a youthful appearance

Anti-aging treatments with does not mean spending days or weeks of downtime for the individual who feels they are aging faster than expected due to wrinkles, large pores, or scars. This technique is growing in popularity and features a range of possibilities including micro-rolling or micro-needling as the main form of treatment undertaken. A high tech piece of equipment is used to puncture the skin with tiny needles used to push beneath the surface of the skin to increase the production of collagen known to reduce the effects of age on the face. The disruption of the skin of the patient is the first step in promoting the body to produce new collagen-rich tissue deep beneath the skin.

Among the many benefits of undergoing collagen induction therapy is the relatively low cost of these treatments which take multiple treatments to achieve a positive effect. Reducing the effects of aging is possible with skin tightening techniques including collagen infusion therapy which has been proven to show positive impacts on patients. A reduced amount of downtime following the procedure is another positive for patients who can expect to spend around two hours undergoing this treatment when arriving at the Metaglow clinic.

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