Few Important Don’ts While In Goa This Summer


People often go to famous places just for the sake of its popularity without proper planning. It’s not always that spontaneity works in your favor; you might end up having the worst trip of your life and ironically, paying a good amount of money for it. Goa is one of such places that can offer your best as well has the potential to be your worst trip. This is why proper planning is needed to take back a wholesome experience from the party capital.

One thing you should never forget while visiting Goa is that it is a state and not a city. And therefore, it becomes even more important to plan out your whole trip ahead of time. List down places to visit in Goa, activities you want to try while there, and such others. For instance, there are popular and crowded beaches and there are less famous and peaceful beaches. Depending on what’s your type, you can choose one and enjoy your visit. The upcoming section has a list for all the major don’ts when in Goa.

Absolute Don’ts When In Goa

1. Drive Without License

This can be one of the greatest temptations when you are in Goa. The weather of Goa resonates too much with Queen’s “I Want To Break Free” and you would want to drive a bike around. Before renting a scooter or a bike (it’s easily available), make sure that you have a valid license. Take all the necessary precautions and follow the traffic rules. NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. The place is filled with multiple police checkpoints.

2. Book Taxi For A Look-Around

Taxis are very costly in Goa. Try avoiding taxis and find some alternative to travel within the state. You can rent bikes at a very cheap cost when in Goa. A Pro tip: if you book a taxi, make sure to pronounce your destination’s name clearly for the taxi driver to get it. The drivers charge much more wrong destinations. So, make sure you don’t lose all your money on taxi drives.

3. Sleep On A Beach

Avoid falling asleep on a beach when in Goa. On the same line, don’t get wasted on a beach. Beaches are filled with crabs all around and, if you slept on a beach, chances are that you will have crab bites all over your body the next morning. Besides, there are always fair chances to get mugged.

4. Carry Valuables

Goa is a great place to visit but it’s very crowded as well. While packing for your trip make sure that you don’t carry any valuables or too much money in cash. You could be mugged by shady goons when in Goa.

There are many such don’t when you are in Goa – Don’t drink too much, don’t do drugs, don’t get into a fight, etc. Plan each day of your trip in detail – list down places to visit in Goa. You can also contact companies like Goa Tours planner to customize your budget-friendly trip right now!

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