10 Affordable Ways to Add Style to Your Home


Revamping a living space is a major improvement goal that most homeowners are likely to go through at least once with their own homes. With the number of tweaks and changes that one needs to make to improve a house, the possibilities can sometimes feel endless and even overwhelming. Since most major home improvements are done by either renovating or remodeling, a lot of us are left wondering: how can we improve and add style to our own homes through easy, affordable and no-fuss steps?

Here are 10 affordable ways and ideas that you can use to add style and elevate your home like a pro. These are simple and cost-effective ways to try if you want to give your space a new personality without breaking the bank.

1Display your home fixtures in groups of threes

Having different displays in your living room or bedroom can go a long way in adding volume to your living space. But what is the acceptable amount of fixtures that you need to display to achieve the perfect balance? The answer is three. As a rule widely used in the field of decorating and styling, applying this when adorning your coffee table, dining table or bedside table can give your space a well-balanced and consistent look. Try mixing up your displays with centerpieces of different height, size and even width for some added variety.

2Trade your kitchen and bathroom’s soap containers with fancier bottles

If you’re the type who has different guests come over on a regular basis, then this an absolute must. Since guests like to freshen up themselves in your bathroom, and even clean after themselves during mealtimes in the kitchen, having fancy soap bottles on display can greatly complement your space. On a tight budget? You can always look for empty mason jars in your home and cover them with different labels according to the soaps’ scents. Lathering up in style has never looked this good.

3Add volume and texture with plants and flowers

House plants and flowers are a great addition to a living space of any kind. Not only do they keep the room smelling fresh and fragrant, but they also add an additional pop of color and texture to any plain or dull space. But apart from these decorative benefits, having plants and flowers can help in reducing poor air quality in your space as they absorb different pollutants that enter your home. Having foliage inside your home also gives guests the impression that you take decoration and ventilation inside the space seriously.

4Use proper and modern lighting to enhance your space

Now that you’ve set up your fabulous displays inside your home, you need to complement it with a modern and proper lighting system to make sure that everything is well-lit and organized. You can start by readjusting some of your existing lighting fixtures to spotlight your outdoor space. For the interior lights, choose a color and type that would best suit your taste and home interior. If you have a home that is adorned in lighter colors, try going for warmer shades of light. On the other hand, choose lighter shades if your home is mainly dimly hued.

5Add books to your tables, shelves and spaces

They say books are the gateway to the imagination, but it can also be the number one indicator of taste and decorating skills when it comes to home and design. If you have a large pile of books collecting dust in your storage room, try taking them out and use them as additional centerpieces for tables and shelves around your house. Stack them up on coffee tables, organize them by color in shelves, and even place some of them in spaces such as the bathroom or the patio. Top it all off with a small flower plant and you’re good to go.

6Hang different ornaments and decorations on the walls

The walls are a great place for any homeowner to display their personality without going the extra mile. You don’t have to hang the finest piece of painting or even mural up to do it right. Rather, you can create a collage with your travel photos and inspirations for one personal touch. However, if you’re the type who prefers minimalism over anything, you can still do this by hanging simple picture frames and plants.

7Reduce the dust and tidy up your home

You can have all the expensive displays and decorations at home and still get the side eye from your guests if you don’t clean your space regularly. Keeping every corner and area clean is very important to prevent dust and dirt build-up at home. You can do this by sticking to a regular cleaning schedule or getting a part time cleaner to do the trick for you.

8Don’t be afraid to mix different colors

Sticking to a clean and uniform look for your home can be achieved through furniture, displays and interiors that go along with each other. But this doesn’t mean that you can no longer play with different colors to add some fun and personality to your home. If your sofa is monochromatic, then try spicing things up by adding different pillows of different colors. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your own living space.

9Free up some space by removing unnecessary objects

Having too many objects lying around the house can result in a mismatch of looks in your living space. If you’re the type who has a lot of cords, keys, papers, pens and a stockpile of magazines in sight, try storing them into a nice basket or container. You will be surprised at how freeing up space can breathe new life into your home.

10Add a signature home scent with scented candles or air purifiers

Another easy and affordable way to add style and personality into your home is through the power of an inviting scent. Just simply light up a fresh scented candle and allow the aroma to waft through your home all day. If you want to go electric, you can also use air purifiers by adding in a few drops of your favorite essential oil.


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