Tips for Staying Out Late When You’re on Vacation


There are a lot of wonderful things to do when you go on vacation, no matter what your destination. From museums to restaurants and live performances to natural wonders, there’s enough to keep you busy day and night!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re safe day and night.

The night time can be especially dangerous, depending on where you are. Popular destinations can be scary for travelers because there are always seedy locals who are looking for ways to take advantage of newcomers.

Don’t let that keep you in your hotel when the sun goes down! There are many ways you can keep yourself safe when you’re out late on vacation.

Never Drive Under the Influence

Staying safe in a foreign city means protecting yourself from others. You’ll find many tips that address this later on this list, but there are other things you have to do too.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, you’re traveling one state over, or you’re halfway around the world, if you’re driving a car, you should never drive while you’re under the influence.

What does it mean to be under the influence? In the United States, “a driver won’t receive a DUI charge if his or her BAC is under .08%, but many accidents occur due to drivers with BACs between .01% and .07%.” That’s in addition to the trouble you can get into if you get in an accident after consuming alcohol. It’s even scarier if you find yourself in an accident in a foreign country. Do yourself a favor and never drink and drive while on vacation.

Program at Least One Emergency Number in Your Phone

Do you know who to call if you find yourself in an emergency situation? You can call 911 in the United States, but that number doesn’t work in other countries. For example, in Europe, the number is 112.

It’s a good idea to program an emergency number in your phone that is relevant to your location. The local police station is a good number to know, as it can connect you with a police officer immediately.

You should also set up an emergency contact on your phone so emergency personnel can access your cell phone if you’re in an accident and they need to get a hold of your family.

Stay in Populated Areas

There’s something alluring about alleyways. They sometimes hold special sights, they can show the bones of a city, and they can provide you with a shortcut. Just don’t take the alley at night.

When you’re traveling in a foreign city, and especially if you’re out and about by yourself, you should stay in populated areas. Stick to the streets and hang out in busy places where there are plenty of lights. You’re a lot less likely to run into someone with bad intentions if you stay where it’s busy.

Hide Your Valuables

Burglars love to target travelers, especially because they’re so easy to pick out of a crowd! They’re usually the ones with valuables that are easy to nab.

You should hide your valuables during the day, but you should definitely keep them hidden at night. A few ways to hide your valuables while traveling include:

  • Hide money in a money belt
  • Stash credit cards in a phone case
  • Place a decoy wallet in your back pocket
  • Keep your real wallet in a front pocket

If you’re a bit of a photographer and want to take pictures while you’re traveling, minimize the time you spend taking pictures at night, which can identify you as a traveler. If you really want to get that perfect night shot, bring a backpack or bag that can hide your camera when it’s not in use.

Tell Someone You Trust Where You Are

It’s important when you travel to tell someone where you are, but more specifically, someone should know what you’re up to if you’re going to be out late.

That doesn’t mean posting what you’re up to on social media! That can cause problems with burglars back home. Instead, call or text a friend or family member back home and tell them what you’re up to. That way, if something goes wrong, they know where to start looking.

Don’t think you have to head back to your hotel when the sun starts going down! There are a lot of fun things to do at night while you’re on vacation, as long as you pay special attention to your safety.


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