Keeping a Tidy Home All Year Long


There are few things worse than getting back to your place after work and realizing that the joint is a mess. It’s awful being reminded that you have more on your plate than you might have hoped for when you walked through the door. Let this be the last time you get saddled with dishes after work–even before cooking. Here are some hints and tips for keeping a tidy home all year long. Yes, things may get out of line from time to time but if you follow our advice, you’ll be able to whip your space back into shape in no time.

Cleaning Even Though it’s Not Spring

One habit that you need to break for good is waiting for spring cleaning. The idea of spring cleaning is good but, if you are able to keep your cleaning habits on point, there will be no need for it because your place will be awesome long before and well after spring has rolled around.

If you do need some pointers, though, check out these tips on keeping vinyl flooring clean. A clean floor does make a place seem instantly better, so sweep, vacuum, and mop your way to a tidy home. Then work on typical trouble areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. A set regimen can keep these areas from becoming a real pain in the neck.

After that, work on eliminating clutter. This can be tough but there does come a time when people have to just let go of some of their accumulated possessions. If you need some ideas on where to send your old things, you can donate your stuff to people that really need it. This allows you to remove it from your home and send it to a person or family that can benefit from your donation.

Ew, Bugs

For most people, the aspect of having spiders and other creepy-crawly creatures around the house can make their skin crawl. This is especially problematic when dealing with any member of the dreaded cockroach family. Whether you’re dealing with the German, American, or the Florida Palmetto, these creatures send people into a panicked, furious cleaning spree after even just one encounter.

Even those meticulous enough to keep a sparkling clean home can still see the occasional miscreant. This is where hiring professional extermination services, like Moxie Services, can be incredibly helpful, especially if you live in a roach-prone region. Professionals can help you combat ants, cockroaches, fleas, and ticks, so your pets stay comfortable and free of many other native pests in your area. Having peace of mind, knowing that your bug problems are taking care of, will allow you to focus on enjoying your home with your family.

If Possible, Make it a Team Effort

It’s no secret, most people don’t enjoy cleaning and the people who are the least likely to help out with it (at least voluntarily) are kids. Just look at their room and you’ll see what we mean. But hey, they live there too right? Have them help you knock out some cleaning tasks. Here are some hints and tips for cleaning with kids, so you can ensure it’s a good experience. Plus, the extra hands will help speed up the process, so you can spend time doing better things like playing in the backyard, going to the park or maybe watching the latest movie release at the theater. Making it a team effort benefits everyone as each and every person will gain some level of accomplishment once the job is done.

Keeping up this type of discipline all year long will ensure you have a tidy home. Plus it will prevent massive cleaning weekends from ever showing up on your calendar again.


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