The Advantages of On-Hold Music


When you have a company where customers call your office, on-hold music is a fantastic strategy for many reasons. Either you’re running a cafe or a marketing company, using hold music for waiting customers will improve your phone call retention rates. A client’s brain works in fascinating patterns, but it also operates in predictable ways.

Here are some advantages on getting the best on hold music:

Say Goodbye to Boredom

All of us have probably experienced the waiting game whenever the person on call has a busy line. As time goes by, you get bored and wonder if they forget about you. If you have nothing to listen to while waiting, it makes the situation even worse as you will actually feel that a minute of waiting is quite long already.

It’s essential that customers can listen to something enjoyable and upbeat to keep them entertained. It helps avoid potential customers from hanging up, which brings bad impact and customer loss.


An advantage of using the best on hold music as a part of the service is helping your business appear professional. Customers on hold but not hearing anything on the other line may question the company’s current standing and credibility. They may think that a part of your supposed service to them has been neglected.

Never let your customers reach that point of questioning your services. On hold music may be a subtle added-value to your service, but playing the best on hold music for customers while they wait plays a big role. The music will let them feel that you care and it will also make them feel important.

Use it For Sales

While some businesses worry over additional costs to get great on-hold music services, remember that you can also use it to generate sales. It may seem surprising, but you can have commercials play as background music that presents certain goods or services provided by your company or business. Most business owners mix promotional ads with short musical interludes, so it does not seem too much of a marketing strategy.

Most market-driven businesses use the opportunity to present the company’s goods and services that they may not know about. A very brief mention of alternative products in a sentence-long advertisement is just enough to hint your customers and customers and make them ask about it.

Here are a few tips on choosing the best on-hold music for your business:

  1. Make sure that all records and tracks are professionally recorded and produced. There is nothing worse than having the background noise of people talking about random things. It will affect your credibility.
  2. Begin with a message describing what is going. You can say, “Your call is on hold, and we will address it…” with music in the background. It will let your customers know that their business is important and that you will get back to them.
  3. Mix messages and music with some sports news or weather updates offer diversity to your clients.
  4. Make sure that the maximum duration of the on-hold message is longer than the average waiting period. Your customers will not appreciate hearing the same series of messages more than once. It gives the impression that the hold time is taking too long.
  5. Update your messages frequently and change them to keep them relevant. It’s not a good business practice to inform customers about expired promos.

There are lots of factors why customers and businesses value the use of music on hold facilities. Do not wait until you lose more customers just because they were bored of waiting on the line. Thank your callers for waiting, too.


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