Is It Worth Switching to Solar Power in Virginia?


About 77% of adults in the US are prioritizing alternative energy sources like solar power over fossil fuels. Despite the growth of solar energy, some people are still on the fence.

Is it worth it, switching to solar power in Virginia? Keep reading to find out! After reading this guide, you can make an informed decision about making the switch.

Get ready to soak up the sun!

Here are five benefits of switching to solar power this year.

Read on to learn more.

1Protect the Earth

The fossil fuels we currently use to produce energy are hurting the earth.

For starters, fossil fuels create byproducts, including pollutants. These pollutants can fill the air, impacting the air’s quality. As we breathe in dirty air, we fill our lungs with the same pollutants.

We could start experiencing health issues like allergies and bronchitis as the air quality gets worse.

Switching to solar power in Virginia can reduce your carbon footprint. You don’t have to contribute to the greenhouse effect anymore. Instead, you can do the earth (and the next generation) a favor.

2Save Money

Many people have started switching to solar power to save money.

You don’t have to rely on the electrical company anymore. Instead, your solar panels will soak up the sunlight to produce energy. You can save money on your monthly utility bills as a result.

3Make Money

If saving a little money isn’t enough, consider making money using solar energy, too.

Electrical companies can purchase your solar renewable energy credits (SRECs). You can earn a return on the energy you produce.

If you decide to purchase your solar power system, you can also apply for a federal tax credit. Sales and property tax exemptions are available as well.

You can contact your solar experts in Virginia to learn more.

4Help Neighbors

You never know when a natural disaster can strike. You can prepare yourself by switching to solar power. If the electricity goes out, you can use the backup energy you generated.

You can also sell the energy you produced to the electrical company. Sending your excess energy back to the grid can benefit your neighbors.

Solar installations in the US grew by 43% year-over-year. We currently have 97.2 gigawatts of solar capacity installed. That’s now enough to power 17.7 million homes.

You can help by providing energy to homes in the area that are out of power during a natural disaster.

5Increased Selling Power

Are you thinking of selling your home soon? You can still make the switch to solar power. Adding solar panels to your home can increase your selling power.

Your home will stand out from other properties in the area. Meanwhile, you can boost your home’s value to ask for more.

Switching to Solar Power in Virginia: 5 Reasons It’s Worthwhile

To recap, is switching to solar power in Virginia worthwhile? Yes! You can make money while saving money once you make the switch.

You can also benefit your neighbors and the environment. Consider switching to solar power today.

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