What Lies ahead of the Kullu Valley?


The unfathomable scope of the snow clad tops in Kullu Manali that one can become hopelessly enamored with at the first sight, appear as though nature set aside a really long time to paint this grand paradise in India. Settling nimbly in the laps of the Himalayas, Kullu Manali has never failed to satisfy the hunger for new experiences of the voyagers from close and far, and for shutterbugs who are in steady hunt of the magnificent natural sceneries, this is the very spot to be. Now see what has the interesting Kullu Valley got in store for the travel enthusiasts.

Here’s a summary of the most looked for after destinations in and around the Kullu Valley, out of which, some are still untouched and have their peacefulness in place. You can reach Kullu directly either via settling for the best Delhi to Kullu flights, or via road by hiring a cab or driving yourself. Trains are another good option.

Rohtang Pass

Kullu manaliRohtang is situated at a height of 3978 m above sea level. From such a stature, unarguably one can get to a great degree of amazing visuals of the entire territory and this very spot is likewise a trove of delightful concealed waterfalls. Along these lines, this without a doubt ought to be the beginning stage of your Kullu undertaking.


A camping base exclusively run by the Himachal Tourism, Raison is an unmistakable spot by the banks of Beach stream and on the Kullu-Manali Highway that offers enticing valley scenes as well as is an impeccable mix of peace and adventure, both. You are in treat for some gorgeous outdoor environs, with self adjusted cabins, and a large group of recreational and experience exercises in the event that you plan to go to Raison.


A quaint, ancient town settled in the north-eastern part of Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Malana is a town that has an extraordinarily specific bid. This little town with a populace of around 1000 is too sensitive and strict about their customs, so know of the do’s and don’ts in advance. Likewise, the solid Himalayan scene from here can give you goosebumps, without a doubt!

Chandrakhani Pass

Now, if you are a stalwart trekking fan who can stroll around the Earth appreciating the green fields, and azure blue skies, then a trek to Chandrakhani Pass must be an absolute necessity add on in your next Kullu jaunt. This spot gives stunning perspectives of the whole Kullu Valley from the top and is additionally the door to the wonderful Malana.

Tirthan Valley

For that amazing experience of an exciting camp by the riverside with a background of the relentless Himalayas, head to the Tirthan Valley in Kullu. A 2 hours’ drive or a brain boggling trek from Kullu can take you up in this village of peace and imperatives. Cherish trout fishing, or go to the Great Himalayan National Park, either ways you are in for a lot of joy.

If you plan to explore the charming Kullu, then during the off season months of July to September, you can get pretty cheap air tickets to this city. Otherwise, for a white Christmas, or to relish the snow fall, nothing’s more of a delight than Kullu. Happy tripping!

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