Creative Ways to Use Tile Roofing in Home


If you are renovating your roof and planning to throw away the old tiles, then don’t.  Roof tiles can create the rustic and unique look. Any shape, size and color tiles whether they are old or new can be used in home decor or even garden decor.

They are an inexpensive way to create stylish and chic home decor.

Here Is A List of Some of Them

 #1. Use Tiles to Make Wooden Shingles for Interiors

If you have old roof tiles stored at your house, do not throw them out, use them to make interior shingles for the walls and add texture to your already beautiful home. This not only recycles them but also adds a creative touch to the house.

#2. Make A Wine Rack

If you have barrel-shaped tiles available, you can make wine racks out of them to keep your liquor and soft drinks or just display the collection of your wine. This is a marvelous way to add a unique twist to your kitchen and would give it a vintage touch.

#3. Make Coasters

You can create coasters from your slate tiles through tile roofing. Chalk can be used to write on the slate and it is a great way to revamp your slate coasters with inspirational writings every day. They can also be an amazing party décor and also add as a memo card for everyday chores.

#4. Candle Holders

Tile Roofing can be used as candle holders. The barrel tiles can be painted at the interior side and made into pretty candle holders. It is a very simple and chic way to light up the room for special occasions. It adds your creativity to your home and makes it more organic.

#5. Lamp

Make the roof tiles into small lamps that you can put fairy lights on, and make it glow in the dark. It will be a good party décor and give your room into a serene atmosphere. The tiles will not become warm or crack due to the heat of the light.

#6. Raised Garden Bed

You can use the tiles to raise your garden bed and create a better and cleaner garden. The plants will be protected from insects, and harsh weathers and also look more organized through tile roofing. The plants can be kept in a creative way.

#7. Chandelier

Make beautiful chandeliers from the tiles you have and create amazing decorations for your home. Make them any size and dimensions you want, color them and put electric lights. Your home will look more beautiful and cost on good lighting will be saved.

#8. Miscellaneous Things Holder

Barrel tiles can be substituted for scarf, key or jewelry holders. They are durable, low budget and efficient. You can put hooks on the tile and hang scarfs or keys so that you do not lose them.  You can fix them on the wall.

#9. Garden Ornaments

Use them to create garden ornaments such as waterfalls, small light holders, bonsai plant holders or just pavements and paths for walking. Your garden will look more creative and elegant.


Why Use Roof Tiles in A Creative Way?

Tile Roofing is not only durable but easy to maintain and do not need too much care. Recycling old tiles for creative uses not only saves money but also gives you a chance to make something new. It makes the house prettier without any extra cost and you do not need professional help to do it. You can do it yourself. So get going with your ideas and experiment with roof tiles.


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