10 Great Ways to Get Followers on Social Media in 2021


If you think you have a great brand but can’t seem to gain a social media following, it may not be because of your brand. Social media is a different beast altogether, and it requires being in-the-know to get a good following.

So how do you build the know-how and gain that all-important social media interaction?

By following these tips, you can get followers that will truly engage with your content and do wonders with your brand.

Just remember to be consistent with each of these have some patience, and you should see your social media accounts blossom in no time.

1Promote the Accounts

Promotion is key. Make sure you’re linking the accounts on your website and through each other by promoting your Instagram on Twitter, your Twitter on Facebook, etc.

If people love your brand but aren’t aware of the social media accounts, they won’t be able to follow them. Don’t rely on people searching for you on each site — put it right in front of them!


Make sure you engage with your followers. When they reply to your content, throw them a like or reply to it.

You can even follow your customers back and engage with content that’s nothing to do with your brand.

By making sure you pay attention to those who are giving you their business, you can build a rapport with them. This will make sure they keep interacting on your socials and make your audience long-term.

3Pay Attention to Trends and Hashtags

If you want to reach new people, you should pay attention to trends on social media. For example, TikTok often has challenges, and others have hashtags that can be used.

If one might be relevant to your brand — or if you can make it so — you should use it. People searching for these hashtags and trends will stumble across your pages and might be inclined to follow you, since you have interests in common.

4Establish a Voice

You should know what kind of tone you’re going for, and this might depend on your business.

There are a variety of different tones you might want to use:

  • Authoritative and professional
  • Relatable and casual
  • Humorous

Once you’ve decided what voice actually fits your brand, it’s time to go ahead and stick to it. You want your posts to be memorable, after all.

5Know the Best Practices for Each Social Media

Don’t treat all social media the same. For example, hashtags will have better success on Twitter and Instagram than Facebook, and you may want to purchase sponsored ads on the latter to get your page seen.

Although some tactics — like most of these — have the same success rate across all forms of social media, others do not, and you should be aware of what works when posting to a specific platform.

6Buy Followers

In a pinch, you can always make a purchase.

For example, some people increase TikTok followers by buying likes. This makes the page look credible already and makes people more inclined to follow.

It’s always essential to make sure you don’t overdo it, however.

Overdoing it by granting yourself thousands of likes on a page that only had one or two posts will seem suspicious and disingenuous.

However, if you’re really struggling, doing a little bit of this may just be the boost you need to get your page up there.

7Don’t Overdo It

Just like it’s important not to overdo it if buying followers, it’s important not to overdo it in every aspect.

If you’re constantly tweeting every few minutes or making Facebook posts, people will become likely to mute or even unfollow you.

No matter how much they like your business, they don’t want to read about it every second of the day!

Stick to one or two posts a day to start off with, and then you can lessen or increase them slowly and see what works best for you. Just don’t start off with ten posts a day, or you’re likely to lose more followers than you gain!

8Follow Relevant People and Brands

Sometimes people find others on sites by looking through the followers of celebrities or influencers they like. Therefore, it’s important to follow people who might align with your brand.

Not only that, they might follow back and interact with you, increasing your visibility to their followers.

It might be tempting to limit the number of people you follow, but you should be liberal with this — at least in the beginning. It’ll pay off as more people see your page and might think it looks interesting.

9Ask Questions

Do you want people to interact with your posts? Ask questions!

You can ask them about something relevant to your brand to encourage them to reply and be seen by their followers, or you might even want to engage in giveaways if that works for you.

If you’re constantly posting but not actually encouraging people to interact, you might find that no one does.

10Be Active

Keep your content active. Although it’s true that you don’t want to overdo it, you shouldn’t take long breaks without warning.

People are more likely to unfollow accounts that they don’t think are active anymore to tidy up their social media.

This Is How to Get Followers!

These tips will get you followers but like everything on social media, it’s important to experiment for yourself. Try these things and see what works best for you, and focus all your energy on that.

Your brand deserves recognition, so go get it!

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