Five Ways to Find Someone’s Email – Which One Should You Choose?


In business, you often have to look for the right person’s contacts. Your goal might be to solve a problem quickly, fill a vacancy, promote a product, etc. Your company’s efficiency and profit may directly depend on this.

Here are five ways to find email addresses of people including the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1Ask Google.

Just enter the person’s forename and last name and the organization they work for in the browser’s search bar. Perhaps Google will provide you with an answer.


it’s fast, simple, and free.


if you need to find the email of a top manager, it is unlikely that this way will work. Contacts of such people are usually not publicly available. And, you can only contact them through their assistants.

2Use social networks.

Try to find a person’s social network profile by the first name, the surname, and the company name. And then, introduce yourself to and ask for his or her email address.


  • it’s easy;
  • it’s free;
  • such an approach can take you to a different level of relationship – less formal. This will predispose the person to you. After all, a social network is a place where people can relax, talk about their family, and generally communicate in an informal setting.


  • a person can use a different name in social networks, and you just won’t find it;
  • your message may be considered an invasion of personal territory. It all depends on the character of an individual;
  • different social networks are popular in different areas. Therefore, if your potential international partner is spending time on Twitter, and you write to him on Facebook, you risk getting no response.

3Some companies on the website have the form “get in touch”.

Leave a request where you specify who you want to contact. And they will write to you.


  • it’s easy;
  • it’s free;
  • you will get a reply in any case.


  • you won’t get a response at night, on weekends, or holidays. Since this is simply out of business hours;
  • not all companies have this form.

4Try to guess.

Emails of employees of the same company, as a rule, are made up of using the same principle. Therefore, it is quite possible to guess it.


  • it’s free;
  • if you already have an email address of an employee of this firm, most likely, you will manage it quickly.


  • if you don’t have an example email from someone from the company yet, the search might take a long time;
  • you need to know the services that will select all the email options for you (you will only need to enter the first name, last name, and place of work of the person whose email you are looking for). After all, it isn’t easy to do this manually, if you are not very good at guessing of course;
  • emails obtained in this way may not exist. You’ll need to check them manually;
  • employees of different departments may have their own rules for composing emails. In this case, the email address of a person from the same company, but a different department will not help.

5Use lookup email programs to search for emails.

Knowing a person’s first name, last name, and organization will be enough for you. This can be done with GetProspect, for instance.


  • this is probably the fastest and most effective way to find someone’s email;
  • these programs have many additional features. For example, in addition to an email, you can get: a person’s position, link to their LinkedIn, company information, and much more;
  • these programs allow you to send a certain number of free requests. Some – every month, others-only during the test period.


  • if you need to find a lot of emails, you will have to buy premium access.
  • even the best of these programs won’t find a hundred percent of email addresses.

Now you know about different ways to find the right person’s email address. And, also, we figured out what advantages and disadvantages each of them has. Keep them in mind and use the method that seems the most appropriate in your situation.

Be effective, use your time wisely, and always find the people you’re looking for. And new technologies will help you with this.


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