Ways to Clean an Area Rug at Home


You need to protect your precious area rugs since you spent a lot of money to purchase them. They also add aesthetic appeal to your property. Area rugs are made from sensitive fabrics. You want to be careful about cleaning them since they could get destroyed. These are some tips to remember when you are going to clean area rugs.

Set up a cleaning station outdoors

It is easier to clean the rugs when you have an area to do it. Choose the perfect day for cleaning. A sunny day would be ideal since it helps dry the rugs quickly. Avoid setting it up on the lawn since you do not want the rugs to soak the grass. If there are trees at home, you can use bungee cords or thick rope. Tie them between two trees so that you can hang the rugs when cleaning.

Vacuum both sides

When you have no time for a thorough cleaning, and you decide to vacuum the rugs, you need to clean both sides. Vacuums do not necessarily penetrate beyond the surface. Therefore, it is difficult to assure the cleanliness of the item unless you vacuum both sides. If the rug is still dusty despite regular vacuuming, you can take it out and pat it with a broom until the dust goes away.

Use carpet shampoos

Test the carpet shampoo first before using it. You do not want to damage the entire area rug because you used a harsh shampoo. When testing, you need to apply it only on a small portion. If there are color changes or loosened fabric as a result, you need to stop using it and opt for other carpet cleaners. If you find DIY carpet shampoos online, you need to avoid them. They might not lead to the intended results and could even further damage the rug.

Rinse the rug thoroughly

If you decide to use the carpet shampoo after testing it out, you need to give it a good rinse. The residue from the shampoo might adversely affect the rug. The color might change after a few days. Hose down the carpet several times until you are confident that there is no more residue left. When you rinse the rug, make sure that you are patient since it takes time. Do not hang it when you know it still contains moisture from washing. You can use a squeegee to facilitate this process.

Try vacuuming one last time

After washing and rinsing the rug, you can take it off the hanger when it is dry. Vacuum one more time to ensure that the fibers look vibrant and not flattened out.

If you have no time to go through all of these steps, you can ask for help from experts. Check out an NYC area rug cleaning service. They know how to handle area rugs and other types of carpets. Set an appointment and allow them to work their magic.


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