How the Right Voice, Data and Mobile Products can Help your Business Soar


Your company’s workers naturally need to communicate, such as with customers, clients, business partners and, of course, each other. Still, exactly how your personnel should communicate can remain a surprisingly complex question, especially given the myriad of options that would be open to your recruits these days.

The pandemic certainly hasn’t helped matters, as it’s often made face-to-face communication even between workers within the same team look risky. Here are some compelling ways your business can benefit from being particular about which communication tools it implements for its workforce’s use.

The telephone enables a charmingly traditional approach

You could easily be excused for assuming that the humble telephone must surely be outdated in 2020 – but, paradoxically, its traditionalism could be exactly the difference your business needs in a competitive market.

After all, there isn’t a lot of complex technology in a standard, off-the-shelf phone – meaning that many of your customers can easily use one to contact you. Furthermore, when you contact them by phone, you can portray an air of authority that could escape you with an email or instant message, Tech Donut indicates.

Your business could welcome digital and contactless payments

For a while, mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Pay seemed like solutions looking for a problem – but, today, the pandemic could be that problem.

As cashiers could baulk at the idea of handling physical notes and coins capable of carrying the virus, it’s obviously convenient to be able to process a payment where the customer’s hands don’t even touch the checkout. Computerworld believes that Apple Pay could soon carve out over 50% of its market as a result.

Many of your employees could potentially work from home if they wish

One pandemic-driven trend that has, naturally, already taken effect is the widespread transition to working from home. The World Economic Forum highlights various technologies that have made this possible – including cloud technology, virtual private networks (VPNs), virtual meetings and work collaboration tools.

In certain job positions, working from home can still be impractical if not impossible – but you should investigate whether the affected employees could work remotely in other ways, such as on their phones when on the move.

5G could be worth a high five… possibly

The recent arrivals of the iPhone 12 models have reminded us of another tech revolution on the horizon: that of 5G cellular connectivity. Nonetheless, the jury is probably still out on how practical it can be right now – especially given that the 5G rollout seems to have hit a speed bump.

You can unify various communication tools under a single umbrella

That umbrella is known by the wonderfully self-explanatory term “unified communications” (UC). A UC solution would allow you to integrate various communication tools into just one app – and doing this can really help improve your business communications system for use in serving customers.

Consequently, as your workers capitalize on the enhanced functionality this arrangement unlocks, you can expect your firm’s customer satisfaction rates to soar and your business to grow in tandem.


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