The Virtual Classroom: How to Excel in Your Online Classes


The virtual classroom has become the new norm for students since the beginning of the pandemic. Although, online classes have been taking place way before COVID-19 made an appearance, it doesn’t mean that you’ve found them easier to navigate now that everything has become 100% virtual.

The transition from in-person schooling to virtual schooling has been challenging, but we’re here to help by providing you with some tips to excel in the virtual classroom every day.

Check Your Technology

Before you begin your classes or attempt to tackle, classwork take the time to ensure that your connection is strong. One thing you don’t want to happen is to get halfway through a paper and lose your work to an electronic glitch.

Before your classes begin, most platforms offer you an area where you can check to ensure that your computer’s camera and microphone are working. This reduces the likelihood of you missing vital information your teacher is sharing or missing class altogether.

Speaking of technology, before you begin your classes, check the technical requirements for that specific subject. Depending on the class, you may have to download and install other plugins to complete all assigned coursework.

Create a Space Strictly For Class

A common mistake that students mistake when entering virtual classrooms is not designating a space for study and attending class. How can you reap the benefits of virtual school classes or online test prep classes if you’re distracted by distractions in your environment?

Take the time to set up a quiet place in your home where you can attend classes and study without losing your concentration. This is useful, especially when you’re taking an exam.

Most teachers require that students sit in a room by themselves without televisions or other items that aren’t their test-taking materials during virtual exams.

Create a Plan

Before classes begin, you’ll likely receive a calendar detailing the assignments and due dates for the semester. If you’re not provided assignments for the semester, you’re probably only able to see a week’s worth of assignments starting on Mondays.

However, your teacher presents the class assignments and due dates. We recommend you create a plan. This plan should help you tackle each assignment ahead of the scheduled deadline.

Creating a plan for completing your assignments helps you stay on top of things and avoid procrastinating and leaving things to the last second. It’s understandable that with school not being done traditionally, you could forget to complete assignments, but that’s why you must develop a plan and stick to it.

Take care of your assignments first, and once they’ve been completed and turned in, you’ve got free time to do other things like binge-watching the latest tv show that Netflix or Hulu is streaming.

Take Brain Breaks

Sitting at a computer for a designated period every day can be exhausting and frustrating, especially when you’re doing work that you don’t understand. It’s for this reason that when you’ve hit a roadblock in your studies, you give yourself time to take a brain break.

Brain breaks allow you to refocus and reenergize to tackle your studies’ next part without feeling rundown. Find something to do during your break that helps you relax and focus on something other than schoolwork.

If gaming is your thing, now is the perfect time to check out a new gaming laptop on to use during your breaks. Not only will you be able to take on third-world villains, but you’ll be able to do it in style once you get your hands on one of these laptops that are being sold at amazing deals.

Ask For Help

Since you’re not around others in the physical sense, it’s easy to believe that you’re tackling online learning independently. This isn’t true.

If you begin to realize that you’re struggling or might struggle with a subject, seek help immediately. You could schedule a virtual tutoring session with your teacher or find ways to access online study resources.

You can also use this time to connect with your classmates virtually and meet with them to get extra practice with things that you’re having difficulty with.

Actively Participate in Class

It’s easy to zone out during class and hear nothing that your teachers say. The issue with doing this is that most teachers will continue to teach how they would if you were in the actual school. This means calling on you throughout the class.

You don’t want to get caught daydreaming during class because you could lose vital points towards your grade. Not to mention you’ll be confused later on when you’ve got to complete an assignment based on the lecture presented during your classroom sessions.

Stay Motivated

Staying motivated in school can be challenging, but it’s important that you do. There are several reasons that you might feel unmotivated, including having too much on your plate.

We recommend setting goals for yourself and getting a reward each time you meet one of your goals. This will help you remain driven to reach your next goal and then the next goal.

It’s also helpful if you set notifications on your phone, computer, or around your study area, reminding you of things that help motivate you. The more motivated you are, the easier it is to keep your eye on the prize.

Figure Out Your Learning Style

There are seven learning styles, and you might have one or a combination of a few. One way to stay on top of your academic performance during virtual learning is to know your learning style.

Knowing your learning style will help you set yourself up for success, whether during class or during times when you’re studying. For example, if you’re a visual learner, you should utilize infographics and charts to study.

Using these visual study tools will make it easier for you to retain the information you’ve been studying.

Maintain Your Health

Health is important in school or outside of school, and that’s why you need to remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ensure that you incorporate the right fruits and vegetables into your diet versus consuming junk food while you’re online.

Also, it will help provide you the fuel you need to stay alert and focused on your schoolwork when consuming healthier foods.

Learn How to Use Your Tools

All the tools you’ll be using for the foreseeable future are going to be digital tools. When you’ve got time off from completing your work and attending class, the best thing you can do is to practice using your digital tools.

These tools are going to help you at various times throughout your classes. During the beginning of class, your teacher will provide you a grace period to learn how to use these tools, but as time goes on, they will expect you to know where the tools are located and how to use them.

Develop Good Study Habits

Now that you’ve designated a space to study, you’ve got to learn healthy study habits. These study habits will help you retain information not only this semester, but every semester after.

A good study habit that you should learn is keeping your materials in order. You never know when you’ll need something, but it’s better to know where something is versus having to hunt for it when you need it the most. Another great study habit is to stay on top of your assigned readings.

Typically, there will be a quiz or discussion following the assigned readings. Stay ahead of schedule ensures that you can participate in class discussions and excel on the tests and quizzes given during class.

Be Creative

Online classes give you more freedom when it comes to project and assignment innovation. Take advantage of it and put a creative spin on the projects that you’re assigned in class.

Think outside the box and find unique ways to present your viewpoint in an engaging and captivating way to your teacher and classmates.

Online Classes: How to Excel Virtually

Online classes aren’t something that you should be afraid of. Instead, embrace the experience and tackle the task head-on.

We’ve given you tons of tips to ensure you get the most out of your class and do the best you can do. We recommend creating a space where you can do your work and study without being distracted.

It’s also beneficial to learn how to use your digital tools during times when you don’t have class. We hope this post provided the information that you’re looking for. If so, don’t hesitate to check out the other posts that we’ve published in this section for readers like you.


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