Video and Music Production Companies in Europe


When Thomas Edison invented the movie camera he may not have been aware of the impact his device would have on the world as it evolved. Silent films became sound films. Widescreen formats and television followed. Eventually, we landed in the digital age. Videos are still used for many forms of entertainment but they are also useful in advertising, marketing, and education. In the late 70s, the music video was born and in the internet age, it is thriving. Whatever the purpose of your video, you want high-quality production values to enable it to serve its purpose in the most effective manner possible. You want to hire a first-class production company. Fortunately, there are some excellent video production companies throughout Europe.

Nordic Screens

In Norway, Nordic Screens is one of the best video production companies out there. This outfit specializes in video that targets younger viewers, aged 34 and under. Nordic Screens can help you create hip, youthful, and fun videos for YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok. They can help you create educational, advertising, marketing, or PR content. Nordic Screens can also work with you on live shows and podcasts. They are dedicated to solid storytelling and unique ideas. In addition to production crews and equipment, they also have a wide range of talent to help you make the best video to suit your needs.

Universal Music Denmark

Images are only half of a quality video. Sound is every bit as important, especially for music videos. In Denmark, Universal Music is the number music recording company. Their studios record some of Denmark’s greatest artists for many of its most successful record labels. If you need to record music for your video project, you can’t do much better than Universal Music Denmark. The company also owns Nordic Stage which is the top booking agency in Scandinavia.

Sony UK

The United Kingdom also has its share of top video production companies. If you need top-quality video and audio recording gear, check out Sony UK. They have cameras, microphones, lighting, monitors, and everything else you need to shoot your video projects. Sony is one of the finest manufacturers of video and audio recording equipment and their UK division has it all at numerous stores located throughout the UK. Competitive prices and helpful, knowledgeable staff make Sony UK the go-to for filmmakers.


For Danes who are looking for music in all formats, IMusic is just the ticket. Albums from artists worldwide are available digitally, on CDs, and even on vinyl. Even genre you could ask for from rock and hip-hop to Kpop is on hand. They all sell a huge catalog of movies on DVD, as well as books, t-shirts, games, and lots of other merchandise.  Order online or visit the store in Aarhus.

Sony Sweden

Swedish filmmakers can enjoy the same advantage as their British counterparts. Whether you shoot music videos, YouTube shorts, educational or promotional content, or you want to be the next Bergman, Sony Sweden carries a full line of gear from the top-notch manufacturer. All the cameras, mics, monitors, lighting and other gear you can get in the UK is available in Sweden. Buy via the internet or visit the store in Kista. Sony is a worldwide corporation and is well-represented in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Europe is home to many artists in the fields of music and filmmaking. There are so many uses for video projects throughout the world. If you need to hire a company to produce your project, there are video production companies available. There are also studios to record your music and audio and if you are doing it yourself, gear is available. Europe is well-prepared for video production of all kinds.


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