Why use slimming corsets over medicines?


Slimming corsets are the latest rage in the world of ‘fitness’ fashion. Celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Nicki Minaj cannot stop raving about the benefits of waist training and they are in the buzz for sporting corseted selfies.

Waist training claims to make the waist look smaller instantly and trains the body’s anatomy to transform into the coveted hourglass figure – a large bust, a tiny waist, and curvy hips. But it seems that women will go to great lengths to achieve a 36-24-36 measurement. In fact, many women resort to unhealthy diet supplements or weight loss pills.

According to research, almost 50% of the people who met the criteria for an eating disorder were using over-the-counter diet pills, supplements or other medicines to lose weight. But did you know using weight-loss drugs without legitimate medical reasons or a doctor’s supervision can cause serious harm to your body?

Why not opt for something that strengthens your core, encourages perspiration, helps release toxins, speeds up fat loss, and suppresses hunger pangs – all in one? You’re right, slimming corsets or waist trainers do all this and much more without messing up your body from the inside as opposed to weight loss medicines.

Let us look at how slimming corsets are safer than using over-the-counter diet pills and how it can help you achieve the perfect hourglass body:

1- Look thinner instantly

Wearing a slimming corset can have an instant slimming effect. If you have a special event coming up, just don a corset and bingo! Your waist will look smaller. It also helps you boost your self-esteem along with waist cinching.

According to Dr. Galyna Selezneva, an aesthetic medical doctor in London, waist training can be the biggest weight loss motivation. It reminds you of how great you’ll look with a flat tummy which is a confidence booster. The best part, you can wear waist trainers for long (comfortable) intervals throughout the day.

2- Helps engage your core

According to Brad Thomas, M.D. at Beach Cities Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, one overlooked benefit of slimming corsets is core activation. This is why you notice a better posture. The key is to wear them in a way they are comfortable yet snug, so the belly muscles are pulled in constantly. In this way, a corset can actually be beneficial in the long run as it serves a reminder to engage your core muscles continuously. Unlike diet pills that can cause increased heart rate and high blood pressure; corsets allow you to function and work out normally.

Many women want to go back to their pre-pregnancy size after childbirth. A corset can help them recover their abs in a short time. In fact, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian swear by corsets during the postpartum period.

Leah Keller, the CEO, and Co-Founder of The Dia Method encourages women suffering from ‘diastasis recti’ after pregnancy, to use corsets as it can heal the abdominal muscles and bring them together quickly.

3- Helps control your food intake

Most people tend to lose weight while wearing a corset. The reason behind it is that one cannot consume large portions of food while wearing such a restricting piece of garment. Then again, it is important to remember that corsets cannot contribute towards weight loss on their own. You have to be mindful of your eating habits in the long run.

That’s right. Wearing the right waist trainer can help reduce your appetite at the dinner table, but it won’t melt the fat magically.

Diet pills, on the other hand, contain appetite suppressing ingredients such as sibutramine, which was withdrawn from the market in 2010 as it increased the risk of cardiovascular damage. Appetite suppressants can never benefit the body in any way instead damage the heart, liver and other body organs. Needless to say, you don’t want to ruin your health in any way so it’s better to stay away from crazy weight loss gimmicks.

4- Sweat off the inches

Most corsets are made of latex to encourage sweating. If you wear a corset during your workout sessions, it can increase the body temperature around your mid-section, causing you to sweat even more. It can help you flush out toxin and excessive water weight around your core.

But don’t think a corset will work on its own. Couple it up with a healthy lifestyle which includes a proper diet and exercise session and you’ll achieve the figure of your dreams within no time.

5- Listen to your body

The best part about using a slimming corset is that you are aware of the changes happening in your body and if it gets uncomfortable, you can take it off. Unfortunately, by using diet pills we are unaware of the changes happening inside our body and sometimes it can lead to deadly results.

Most diet pills contain a Chinese herbal stimulant known as ephedra which was banned in 2004 as it increased the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. According to a research, 64 percent of harmful reactions to herbal weight loss supplements are associated with ephedra.


The secret behind a great looking body is a healthy diet and a consistent workout regimen. You cannot substitute it with weight loss medicines as there many harmful side effects of using diet pills.

Waist training can help with your weight loss journey as they do wonders for your core and strengthen your back. Simply wear your corset and perform exercises that tone the mid-section and shape the waist. You’ll get impressive results within a few days. Remember, effective waist training depends on a lot of factors.

People have been using corsets throughout history and it yields results. With proper guidance and a healthy lifestyle, corsets can prove extremely beneficial and can boost your self-esteem. So, whether you are looking to lose the belly after pregnancy, reshape your midsection or prepping for a special event- slimming corsets will help you look your very best.


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