Natural Ingredients That Promote Weight Loss


It seems like the news never stops reporting on stories related to weight problems. The surging increase in obesity is the main reason for this near-obsession with weight. The ever-growing number of people concerned about their weight has also led to the introduction of lots of new diet pills, both prescription medications and over-the-counter ones. The most potent of these medicines can cost a great deal and expose you to unwanted side effects; some of them are even dangerous if used improperly.

The sorts of side effects you can expect from prescription diet pills include sleeplessness, irritability, dry mouth, painful urination, stomach problems, blurred vision, neurological impairment, and depressed sex drive. Even when used under the supervision of a medical professional, prescription diet pills may pose a threat. Consider how badly patients have been served in the recent past by prescription painkillers.

The good news is, there are many all-natural, non-prescription diet pills and herbal medications that can make it easier for you to lose weight. Here are some of the important ones to look at:

Acetyl-L-Carnitine, or ALC, is a fatty acid oxidizer that speeds up the fat-burning process. Oxidation is simply the chemical process your body uses to break down fatty acids – a vital energy source – into usable energy. Fatty acids alone aren’t capable of entering the membrane surrounding the mitochondria in body cells, where they need to be burned. L-Carnitine’s role is to transport those fatty acids through the membrane and ensure that they get efficiently converted into energy.

Beyond its important role in metabolizing fatty acids, L-Carnitine has other benefits to offer. The compound also reduces the effects of the ageing process, fights against depression, slows down the formation of cataracts in the eyes, and supports a fast, healthy metabolism. Because it makes it easier to perform energy-hungry bodily functions, L-Carnitine can boost mental performance and deliver greater energy to the brain.

Green Tea
According to an ancient bit of Chinese folk wisdom, tea is more vital to good health than food – going without tea was considered a greater hardship than fasting in ancient China. Green tea has been associated with positive developments in treating a huge number of health conditions. Examples include cancer, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, infections, and immune-system disorders.

Green tea’s remarkable health benefits derive from a number of different compounds, principally the catechin polyphenols. One of the most important of these compounds is epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. EGCG has potent anti-oxidant effects. It can help get rid of harmful cancer cells and inhibit the growth of new ones. The compound can also help moderate LDL cholesterol and prevent the formation of blood clots. That last benefit becomes especially important when you consider that most severe cardiovascular incidents (i.e. strokes and heart attacks) are caused by thrombosis – abnormal blood clotting.

Camellia Sinensis
Camellia Sinensis is a neurological enhancer that may be able to accelerate the body’s thermogenic processes and enable it to burn calories and unwanted body fat at a higher rate.

Camellia Sinensis is packed with active phenol groups that do an excellent job of neutralizing free radicals and other unwanted oxidizers. According to some studies, Camellia Sinensis may be as much as 200 times more potent than vitamin E when it’s used to arrest the lipid breakdown chain caused by pro-oxidants like free radicals. The herb is also 20 times more effective than the vitamin when it comes to preventing the formation of mutagenic peroxides in rancid fats.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is another vital contributor in the human body’s metabolic energy-production system. The body is capable of producing its own ALA in sufficient quantities to keep energy production going inside the cellular mitochondria. Excess ALA that circulates in the body’s cells in a free state serves as a potent antioxidant with significant health benefits. Boosting this supply of free ALA requires supplementation; the body does not make enough of it, and the amount supplied by a normal diet is minuscule.

ALA is a particularly important antioxidant because it has an extremely broad spectrum effect. It deactivates huge numbers of different free radicals throughout the body.

Bioperine and Piper Nigrum
Bioperine is important in modern supplementation because it has a thoroughly proven ability to make other compounds more bio-available and easier for the body to absorb. When added to any fat burner that contain vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants, the overall efficiency of the supplements are significantly boosted, and more of the beneficial compounds are delivered.

When combined with Piper Nigrum, Bioperine may help boost the body’s metabolism by encouraging thermogenesis. This would be an added benefit above and beyond the combination’s proven ability to enhance the body’s ability to absorb nutrients better.

Biotin is a part of the vitamin B complex and is also sometimes called vitamin H. The compound is a strong energy booster with positive neurological effects. Biotin also promotes better skin health and keeps hair healthy, preventing baldness and premature greying. Biotin plays a vital role in the metabolic chain of niacin (vitamin B-3) and helps the human body produce antibodies, digestive enzymes, and fatty acids.

Sometimes holistic remedies are not enough for effective weight loss. Saxenda can be a good alternative to lose weight quickly.

Important Note: This informational article should not be considered professional medical advice. The statements made here may not be approved by the FDA.


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