At the TV – Thing to Do in Front of TV


Everybody loves watching TV. It’s relaxing, fun and which is more, this activity lets you experience things you couldn’t even dream of. But sometimes fascinating shows are interrupted by annoying commercials and you would sit there wondering what to do. The same can happen when you’re watching a boring TV series. The problem here is, you don’t want to miss anything so you can’t leave your place but at the same time your hands long for activity. There’s a nice solution to that: why not try cooking something tasty like cannoli cake?

You can start by mixing butter with sugar and eggs. Take another bowl and start mixing the dry ingredients: flour, salt, baking powder. Put the two mixtures together, heat the oven and bake three pans. Then make the cream by blending ricotta and mascarpone together. Add in powdered sugar and some vanilla. Refrigerate the cream for two hours (which you can spend watching your favorite TV show) and just fill the cake with cream.

If you’re still bored by everything shown on the screen you might want to check your mail or maybe even open your real mailbox or write a real letter to someone. But if you’ve done all that you are probably hungry! Go straight to the kitchen to make this mouthwatering crumb cake!

To prepare the pans you need to whisk cinnamon with some sugar, add butter, flour and stir the mixture. Then goes the crumb part: jus mix some flour, sugar, egg yolk and buttermilk and beat up for 1 minute. To finish up, spread the batter into even layer, put the crumb topping on it and bake till the crumbs are golden. Done! Binge watch your favorite shows while taking another bite of this irresistible dessert.

Once you’re full it’s time for a makeover! Turn on your TV set and occupy yourself with beauty routine. For example, you can give yourself a manicure or a pedicure or maybe do coconut hair mask. You’ll definitely feel better after such procedures.

There’s one more thing to do in front of TV instead of surfing the net on your smartphone. You can find some old clothes in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for ages. Just pick some of them and mend the holes. You can go creative and add a few patches on your old jeans or T-shirt, or even find yourself creating new clothes from the old ones! The process will make you more energized so don’t miss such a nice opportunity to transfer your TV pastime into something really exciting!


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