3 Essential Tips for Traveling Through Europe with Children


Going on a vacation with kids needs thorough planning, and more so if you’re traveling far from home to a different country. From flights and hotels to local sightseeing and transportation, everything needs to be planned to the last detail, keeping in mind the children’s needs and interests.

If you’re planning a family trip to Europe, the following tips will help you make the most of your experience.

Pick family-friendly locations

Taking young children on a vacation is all about ensuring they have a memorable and fun-filled holiday and experience a new culture in its most authentic form. This is why your itinerary should include destinations that offer something for your entire family.

Some of the most child-friendly cities across Europe include Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, Rome, Munich, London, Barcelona and Florence. Although these are the top tourist destinations and attract large crowds all year round, they offer a plethora of things to do for children of all ages, including teenagers.

If your family is up for a less touristy vacation, make a mixed itinerary that includes some of the must-see metropolises and a couple of quaint towns or villages that are not crazy crowded. Another way to beat the summer rush—and save money—is to plan a trip around spring or fall.

Book intercity travel in advance

While most people will book their air tickets to Europe several months prior, many don’t take the time to explore, plan and book intercity travel. Travelling from European country to another with children in tow can turn into an uninvited struggle if you did not take the time to pre-book your train journeys, airport city transfers and entry tickets for the major tourist sites such as churches, museums and historical monuments.

Doing this will not only save you time, it can also turn out to be way cheaper than buying tickets on the spot.

If flights are your preferred mode of travel, making advance online bookings of Airport City Transfers when travelling through Europe is a good idea, as it helps you get a competitive flat rate and saves you the trouble of waiting in long queues for taxis at busy airports.

Explore alternative lodging options

Rather than simply taking the beaten path and booking hotel rooms in every city or town you’re visiting, take the time to explore local home stays, vacation rental homes and B&Bs, based on who you’re taking along, how long you’ll be staying at each location, and how much time you’ll spend indoors.

For instance, you can opt for a simple Airbnb if travelling with a baby, while for young children you might want to stay in a hotel with a pool, kids’ club and other amenities. Mix and match luxury and mid-level accommodation for the best of both worlds. It will keep your children happy and your budget well in control. If looking for exclusive lodging or dining experiences with a local flavor, explore heritage buildings converted into hotels, inns, restaurants and cafes.


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