Personal Travel Guide for First Time Munnar Visitors


Did you know that Kerala is known as God’s own country? Some call it paradise, come call it heaven, but Kerala is certainly one of the most beautiful states of India. Now what makes Kerala so beautiful? It’s the little places scattered here and there across the state that add to the beauty of it and one of those places is without a doubt – Munnar. Hailed as one of the most coveted and visited tourist spots in the country, if you have not been to Munnar once, then you should certainly go and visit it once!

What makes Munnar an ideal tourist destination?

There are many things that Kerala is famous for and mostly those are backwaters. This is what sets Munnar aside and this is precisely why people flock to Munnar. While the most of Kerala is surrounded by backwaters, Munnar is a hill station in God’s Own Country! Yes, full of tea plantations and beautiful hills all around, the view in Munnar is something that one should experience with their own eyes to realize how beautiful nature can get. Like most hill stations in the country, Munnar too was a hill station where the English used to head out to cool off during the summer months. Mainly an area frequented by the British elite, Munnar evolved into one of the most sought-after tourist spots in the country over the years. National parks along with tea plantations add to the tourist attractions of this place. Being a place which has primarily hosted people, since the time of the British rule, there is no dearth of Munnar hotels which is why it also offers some of the choicest places to stay. All in all, a trip to Munnar promises to be a rather interesting one!

Munnar – your all-season destination

One of the most attractive features about Munnar is that you can visit this place any time of the year. Yes, it is an all the year tourist destination which in itself adds to the beauty of the place. The ideal time to visit Munnar is definitely during the summer months if you are looking for some respite from the heat of the plains. However, this is also the peak tourist season of the year, and hence, expects some crowd during this time of the year. It is best that if you are planning on going on a trip during this time of the year, then you make your bookings in advance. If you want to add the touch of cold to your cool winter months, then you can also opt for going to Munnar during the winter months, because the place has a charm of its own during this time of the year. The other thing that you can try out is visiting Munnar during the monsoons as well if you do not mind rain in the hills. If solitude is what you are looking for, then this is the ideal time to visit Munnar. Thus, there is hardly a best time to visit Munnar and you can drop by and stay at this hill station, any time of the year you want.

How to plan your first trip to Munnar?

Well if you are thinking of planning your first trip to Munnar any time soon then there is a definite way of planning that you will need to follow. To begin with, find out as much as possible about Munnar. Get to know about the places to visit and how you can travel to Munnar. Which are the best Munnar hotels that you can go for? When it comes to hotels there are two things that you need to remember – depending on who you are travelling with and your budget you will decide on the type of hotel that you will be opting for and the second thing is that you will need to look online and compare the prices of the hotels from a reliable source. This is of utmost importance if you want to find a place which will suit your pocket and give you the best stay possible. Do remember to check the reviews thoroughly before making a booking online.

Travelling to Munnar

Another very crucial aspect that you need to consider is how you will be travelling to Munnar. Well if you are in Kerala or somewhere nearby and have expert hands in driving through a slightly hilly terrain, then you can always take a car and drive up to Munnar.

If you do not feel up for a road trip, then you can always take a flight, when covering a great distance. Cochin is the nearest airport to Munnar and it is about 125kms away. Once in Cochin, you can hire a cab and drive to Munnar.

If you want, you can also take a train. Ernakulam railway station is the one which is closest to Munnar and from there you can avail any means of public transport to reach Munnar.

Cochin is well connected to all the major metropolitans in the country and Cochin is again well connected to Munnar. So, finding your way to Munnar from Cochin will not be much of a hassle.

Bookings for your Munnar trip

Munnar happens to be quite the busy tourist spot with people visiting it throughout the year. So if you are indeed planning on visiting Munnar, then one of the first things that you need to do is get your bookings done. Train tickets need to be booked at least 3 months in advance and when it comes to flight tickets, the earlier you book, lesser will be your flight fare. Suppose if you are travelling during the peak season, then the travel fare will be higher than say during the monsoons. So, keep these factors in mind when planning. Along with booking for your transportation you need to arrange for your stay as well. Do not dilly-dally with this booking. Find a place of your choice and book it as soon as possible, because during the peak season, finding accommodation can be a real challenge.

Munnar is beautiful and scenic! Get these travel details sorted and enjoy a lovely trip to Munnar!


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