Five Reasons Why Traction Control Light Appears In The Car


The stability and steering performance of a car or vehicle is very important. There are several ways to check this, but the best way to check this is with traction control light. It is often abbreviated as TCS (or traction control system). If a car does not have TCS, then there is a high risk of car tyre spinning out or sliding around the ground. It is dangerous to drive a vehicle if the traction control light is on. In case the TCS is working correctly, this light will not be on, and the driver is safe to drive the car. If you are driving a car and you see this light on then, it is advisable to call the mechanic and get the car checked properly. Here are five reasons why traction control light appears in the vehicle.

Steering angle sensor goes faulty

Car or vehicle has a steering angle sensor that monitors the steering actions of the car. If the car goes faulty, then this can be dangerous for the driver’s safety. The car wheels can spin with faster speed without any control. Traction control light while starting the car indicates several potential dangers and one of them is faulty steering angle sensor. If you see that this light is on certified mechanic should be called for checking the steering angle sensor. If it is defective, then it should be replaced immediately with a new one.

Broken Wheel speed sensor

Wheel speed sensor is responsible for detecting any change in the traction control system and communicates with the driver by illuminating the traction control light. If there is mechanical damage to sensitive, broken wheel speed sensor, then it becomes faulty. Sometimes they malfunction because of internal wiring issues due to mechanical shocks.

A bad condition of roads

Sometimes the condition of the road is unfit for driving. Especially when there is water logging due to heavy rainfall, broken roads, and storms your traction control system might not work efficiently. In such a situation, the traction control light indicates bad condition outside. If the car is erratically spinning its wheel, then one must slow down the car and consult an experienced technician or mechanic for checking the traction control system of the vehicle.

Anti-lock braking system

Anti lock braking system enables the driver to stop the car from locking when you brake. It helps the car from skidding, which can be a threat to the safety of the driver. The internal diagnostic system and control module of the anti-lock braking system and traction control system is the same; hence a faulty anti-lock braking system switches on the traction control light.

Computing issues in TLC system

Sometimes the due to internal wiring issues in the TLC system, the computation problem still occurs. The light remains on even though there is no fault at all. This can again be checked by a mechanic and repaired.

In case your car has traction control light on then it is the right time for you to get your vehicle checked to avoid any accident on the road.


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