How to Track Employee Hours: 5 Best Methods for Business Owners


Theft is about more than physically stealing an item.

If today’s work habits are an indication, employee time theft is robbing companies of billions. In fact, studies show that on average, employees steal a whopping 6 weeks worth of time each and every year by wasting time while on the clock.

Curbing this time wasting takes a lot of strategies, starting with figuring out exactly what times your employees are working. To get an idea on the best ways to track employee hours, consider the tips below.

Use a Mobile App System

Yes, there’s an app for that.

There are several pieces of mobile software that you can equip your employees with so that they can clock in and out each day. Everyone today is attached to mobile devices, so having access to app systems allows you to track time accurately.

In addition to using an app, you can double down with a pay stubs maker that lets you put your own little touches on your employee payouts.

Go the Old Fashioned Paper Card Route

Though technology reigns supreme right now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going back to good old pen and paper.

In fact, simply writing on punch cards isn’t as high-tech, but you can often get employees to fill them out quicker since there’s nothing to log into. These cards can also later be logged into digital systems, in order to process payroll accurately and to keep thorough records.

Have Your Workers Swipe Badges or Cards

You can also have people clock in and out by swiping badges or cards.

With this technology, the time cards fill themselves out, as the system tracks entries and exits. It streamlines the process and allows for accuracy without your employees having to even think about it.

Look Into Cloud-Based Software

When you have your own cloud-based HR software, it’s easier to customize it to your liking.

Not only does it give you consistent backups, but your employees can log in and track time remotely. Since so much business right now is being conducted remotely, this helps you move your company forward.

Enter the Hours Into a Spreadsheet

Finally, you can have your employees track their time by filling out spreadsheets.

You will get to compile these spreadsheets over the course of several years so that your employees always have access to how their time was spent, sick days, vacation days, and more.

These spreadsheets can be filled out online or offline, depending on your company’s preference.

Track Employee Hours the Right Way

When you take the time to track employee hours using these sorts of methods, your company will be more organized.

Whether you use a cutting edge method or one of the older fashioned ways to keep records, your business will be much better for it. By taking the time to track your employee’s hours with accuracy, you’re tackling the details that matter the most.

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