Top Spots for Backpacking in Colorado


Colorado has been highly-acclaimed as hiker’s paradise because of its wonderland-like hiking spots and trails. This place has been blessed with breath-taking mountains, refreshing alpine lakes, and dazzling pine trees. Thus, if you’re an outdoor person, this is a perfect spot for the most exciting outdoor hustles you could ever experience.

To help you out, in this article, we have provided you with a list and descriptions of the top spots you would like to visit when you commence your journey. Read on and be inspired! Plan ahead and prepare to avoid spoiling your most awaited backpacking trip.

Weminuche Wilderness

Located in the trail of Durango, this is the largest wilderness in entire Colorado where your backpacking trip is advisable to begin. It is this basin where backpackers and hikers are camping. Expect to be overwhelmed by the majestic Needle Mountains showcasing its towering peaks namely: Eolus, Sunlight, and Windom. Likewise, be surprised by the lower peaks in the other spot such as the Highland, Mary Lakes Loop and the Continental Divide.

Four Pass Loops

This is one of the most popular backpacking spots in Colorado. You may begin your trail from the iconic Maroon Bells Lake. Commence a short walk going to West Maroon Trail, also known as Snow Mass trail, then moving around Snow Mass Wilderness in Aspen, and the Elk Mountains. It would take more or less 3-5 days to complete this trail.

Rocky Mountain National Park

The 400 mile-wide wilderness is a befitting destination for backpackers and hikers, which is located just outside Fort Collins. Prosperously, this spot has been endowed with monumental high peaks such as the Flattop Mountain, Twin Sister Peak and Deer Mountains, which gives hikers a satisfying yet extremely risky adventure. Moreover, you can also be amazed by astounding light trails to gratify yourself like the Bear or Cub Lake, Alberta, and Ouzel Lakes.

Lost Creek Loop

You’re not at lost when your feet bring you to this destination. But when you feel like being intimate with nature, then, the Lost Creek Loop is just right for you. Instead of soaring high peaks, you’ll be exploring a series of gulches over this 27 mile-trail.

However, for some hikers, this spot is a bit tricky because trails are smaller. Backpackers put marks on rocks and stones so that they will not be lost. Further, water is hard to find in this location. Hence, compass, trekking shoes, and plenty of water are the most essential things in their backpack checklist.

Continental Divide Trail

Looking for an Exodus-like adventure, be prepared for this 3100-mile trail. This backpacking spot runs from Mexico to Canada, literally passing through five states. Hence, you have the chance to gaze over 1000 peaks where Grays Peak is the highest point and the Water ton Lake in Montana is the lowest point.

Eagles Nest Wilderness

If your dreaming of gazing over snow-capped mountains with glass-like lakes, and green pine trees, this 14-mile loop is the best place to be. This spot is located outside of Vail, Colorado where you can find the Eagles mere Loop Trail. It is a hiking destination during summer and fall, as well as a ski landing spot on winters.


To sum it up, these magnificent landscapes are the top spots for backpacking in Colorado. As you have seen, these are selections of high and low peaks, wide and narrow trails, multiple loops, and some are combinations of everything. Hence, every spot is deserving of an expedition and exploration.

So, prepare your checklist, start planning your itinerary and budget, and get to the place you have never been especially in this awesome state. Colorado is one of the fascinating places in the world that is blessed with the marvelous and sublime beauty of nature.


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