Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Ten Ways to Lose Belly Fat at Home

Who doesn’t want to lose the Buddha Belly and all that extra fat? It’s no wonder how vexing it can be every time you try on new clothes. But fear not, we’ve got you all…

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Breakfast Burrito

Healthy+Tasty Breakfasts – Quick Recipes

Mom, getting late will have the breakfast later or will have a heavy lunch!! Oh, no again I woke up late! Gotta skip Breakfast! I should have prepared something at night; time would be saved….


What will it take to make India great again!

The great history of India Planning in India is one of the oldest phenomenons. We can trace it from the pasts of Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Fatehpur Sikri to Chandigarh, Imperial city of New Delhi.  After independence,…