Getting Your Baby Back: 10 Tips on How to Win Full Custody of Your Child as a Father


Your ex-wife has custody of the children and you would like full custody for one reason or another. How do you go about achieving this goal? Read the following tips for how best to move through this process.

Work with an Attorney

Although an attorney is not required in child custody cases, it’s best to bring legal representation to any hearing. There are many challenges when trying to win a custody case. Speaking to child custody lawyers helps to identify these challenges and turn them into advantages in the courtroom.

Don’t Criticize the Mom in Front of the Kids

During a divorce, it’s easy to become bitter and make negative comments about the other parent. However, dads should never do this as the court may see it as a sign the dad is trying to alienate the children from the mother. Children need both parents, so the courts don’t look favorably on any dad (or mom) who criticizes the other parent in front of the children.

All Criticism Should Be Avoided

In addition, a dad should never criticize the mom in front of other people. This includes the judge, the guardian ad litem, caseworkers, and anyone else that is part of the case. Keep these criticisms to yourself or only share them with one or two people you are extremely close to. This prevents issues from arising.

Any Abuse Is Unacceptable

Couples often scream at each other when fighting, and this may be one reason for a divorce. However, any yelling may be seen as verbal abuse, and abuse of any kind is not acceptable. Keep your emotions under control at all times so charges of abuse are not brought up in the courtroom.

Stay Single

One reason couples divorce is they are no longer happy together and want to move on with life. However, moving in with a new person is never wise when a parent is trying to get full custody of their children. Once the divorce is final, it’s fine to begin dating again, but there is no need to introduce the children to the new woman immediately. Take time to see where the relationship goes first.

Pay Child Support

Never withhold money to punish the mother. The children are the ones who suffer in this scenario. Pay child support as agreed and allow the court to work out any differences the right way.

Stop Communicating

Although a person might not wish to speak to a former spouse, when children are involved there is no avoiding this. Try to find ways to communicate without arguing. This may be through email or text message as opposed to phone conversations. Regardless of the method, the lines of communication need to remain open at all times.

Follow All Court Orders

Adhere to any court orders that have been issued. This shows you are willing to remain within the law when the children are with you. A failure to comply in one area could suggest to the court that the dad won’t comply in other areas if he gets custody of the children.

Change in Circumstances

If the children have been thriving in the care of their mother, the father needs to prove a change in circumstances in order to win full custody. Otherwise, the court will be hesitant to move the children from a good environment. Be sure to gather proof of this change before filing a motion for full custody.

Be Patient

Gaining custody of your children won’t happen overnight. Keep this in mind and remain patient as the process moves forward. Doing so will only help your case.

The court always considers the best interests of the children. Remember this and make certain you are the best for them at this time. If you aren’t, make changes. Doing so only strengthens your case when you do file for full custody.


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