8 Ultimate Tips for Students on Distance Learning During COVID-19


Closing schools and switching to distance learning was one of the most challenging pandemic-triggered measures. With COVID-19 locking in learning within the walls of your home, you need to introduce habits that will benefit your well-being and bring you academic achievements.

The challenges of distance learning will try to bring you down. But you can fight them if you equip yourself with the right tips.

With that being said, here are some essential tips that will help you navigate distance learning and keep your spirits high.

1Set up Your Study Area

Dedicated study space will help you get into the study mood. Keep the study area organized and tidy, as this will contribute to your productiveness.

Even if you don’t have your own room, claim a space in the living room or dining room that will be your study oasis. Explain to your family the importance of having your study space and peace during lessons.

2Don’t Allow Your Phone to Distract You

While the teacher’s controlling eye used to keep you from using your phone during classes, now there is no such obstacle. The phone, with all its tempting distractions, is the nemesis of learning.

Use blockers like SelfControl and FocusMe to disable the use of distracting apps. Eliminating distractions will help you be more focused. Consequently, you’ll be able to memorize better and faster.

3Have a Routine

Establishing a routine is key to productivity and less stressful distance learning. The set daily routine will take away the burden of decision-making.

Make sure that you factor in the breaks between your study sessions. Breaks are necessary for recharging your mind. Also, count in the physical activity and regular sleep.

4Set Daily and Weekly Goals

Goals will keep you motivated and focused. Create lists of your daily and weekly study goals.

Getting to tick off an accomplished goal will boost your self-confidence. Besides, outlining your goals will ensure that you don’t take on more tasks than you can handle.

5Ask for Help

When in doubt, turn to your teachers and other sources of help. For example, if you can’t write an essay, find a cheap paper writing service for students and turn to them for help. You don’t have to struggle alone – ask someone to help you.

Also, contact your teacher when you are confused by a task. A simple email can prevent you from racking your brain for hours.

6Motivate Yourself

Whenever you accomplish a goal, reward yourself. The rewards can come in different shapes and forms. The common ingredient should be that they make you happy.

Let’s say that you’ve managed to complete your weekly goals. Reward yourself with a weekend get-together with your closest friends.

7Arm Yourself with Study Tools

One of the benefits of studying online is the plethora of useful online tools you can access whenever you want. Take full advantage of that. Some of the tools you can use are a spell checker Grammarly, GoConqr for mind mapping, Schooltraq for tracking your work, etc.

Another useful study tool is a plagiarism checker. You can check out the LetsGradeIt review to find out which are the best plagiarism checkers in 2021. The plagiarism checker tool will notify you if you’ve accidentally copied someone’s work.

8Keep in Touch with Your Peers

Bring back the social aspect of learning. Organize group study sessions, get yourself a study buddy, or have an after-exam celebratory video party with your peers.

Don’t let the socializing slip out of your hands because of distance learning. Overcome the distance by keeping in touch with your fellow peers. Having such emotional and study support can mean a lot.

Wrapping Up

To ensure success during these challenging times, you need to put in some extra effort. Not only in your work but in your habits, relationships, and how you handle responsibilities. Hopefully, these tips will help you create and maintain some beneficial habits and activities that will contribute to distance learning effectiveness.


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