Tips to Stay Present and Focused in a Technology-Driven World.


Since technology is present everywhere in the world today, it is becoming harder to get over it. From our mobile phones to the laptops and even our digital cameras are all technological gadgets that have engulfed us that we are cannot do without them.

Although, it offers us the chance to stay connected with the people that matter the most in our lives. We are able to access information quicker than ever and stay connected with the world by uploading our photos, videos of our vacations and tweeting our thoughts regarding world affairs.

But everything that has a beginning has an end and one question that raises here that at what point does technology stops adding value in our daily routines? At some point in time, it will stop being a boon for us and instead will become a bane. But what if that time is already upon us?

We cannot blame technology for the ills it has brought us. Just as we cannot blame guns for violence as it is meant to protect oneself not to go crazy and start a killing spree only because you feel the society owes you something in any way. The fact of the matter is, the tools are in our use and we define its boundaries.

If we are failing to stay in the present by excessively relying on technology then it is we who are to be blamed because we have allowed technology to invade our personal spaces. We don’t have time for our parents, our spouses or children and the resulting collapse of society in future will be largely attributed to our generation’s usage of technology.

Not only this, we are unable to focus even many of us who tend to work in offices or from home are victims of social media and chat apps. Productivity has literally gone out of the window. If the students today cannot focus on their studies, it is due to their urge to browse their Facebook feed and reply to that WhatsApp chat. Can you expect this lot to achieve good grades and score big in schools?

However, this article isn’t meant to scare you to death neither it is to forewarn you about the imminent takeover of the human race by machines (Terminator pun), it is only to highlight the current ordeal of humans and our inability to recognizing it as a problem. Now on to the solutions:

Commit to single-tasking at least three daily activities

Multitasking does not make you productive in any way, it drains your ability to even complete a single task. Pick three of the most important activities in your day and adhere to them only after you have finished one then switch to another.

Challenge yourself not to respond to texts and emails immediately when possible

The urge to immediately reply back that text you received or that notification of a new email which you rush to open, don’t! Unless of course, you are expecting someone to email or text you. Once you are done with the task at hand then direct your energies to cater that text/email.

Create pre-written text messages to decrease your tech-engagement time

Message templates are available in phones and you can custom create them as well. It is a good way to reduce technology engagement because once you pick up your phone it is hard to come back from it. If you cannot take the call at that moment, simply reply with a text of your choice from the list.

Put your gadgets away when you’re not using them

Putting them away is difficult but you have no other option. That does not mean keeping the phone by your bedside when you lie down to sleep or when having a meal with your family so you can get back to it again. No, it means to switch off (smartphones, laptops) completely or turn off your Wi-Fi during the night.

Consequently, usage is curtailed.

When browsing or working online, close tabs you don’t need

..Especially when you have an assignment that you need ready by the weekend or have a deadline to meet, it is advisable to close unnecessary tabs. Believe me, it is easier said than done. If you don’t then your mind will wander back and forth between your work, Facebook, YouTube and other sites.

You can kiss productivity goodbye.

Enlist a buddy for fewer tech distractions

Personally, I don’t condone having a friend over if you are engaged in some official work or university project but a real human interaction is better than staring at a screen (which is sadly the case). As a result, you can have a fun time. Meanwhile, also enabling you to get the job done with help from him.


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