Work Out at Work: 5 Tips to Help You Stay Fit While Working a Desk Job


Are you looking for ways to stay fit at work? When you’re trapped behind a desk all day, it can seem like there’s no way to build physical activity into your workday. The good news is that there are ways to burn some calories at work and stay healthy if you’re creative about it.

Keep reading to learn five tips to help boost your fitness levels in the office!

1Stay Fit By Moving Around

When it comes to knowing how to stay fit and healthy, a simple solution is to move around more. Don’t feel strapped to your desk. Rather than emailing someone across the office space, walk over and ask them a question in person.

Take the initiative to go to the copier or meet up with someone. The more you can free yourself from your office chair, the more active you’ll be.

2Make Hydration a Priority

Most people don’t get enough water during the day, and the lack of hydration contributes to lethargy and overeating. Don’t let that be you!

Bring a reusable water bottle to work with you, and keep track of how much water you’re drinking. You’ll feel more full during the day and be less interested in snacking. Plus the added water will only make your complexion look better!

3Check Your Posture

With a desk job, you may find yourself stooped over half the time or developing back problems. An easy solution is to stand up more.

If you increase the height of your keyboard using a simple device, you can stand up more while you work. Studies suggest that standing while you work can help keep your blood sugar levels in check and motivate you to move more.

4Make the Most of Lunchbreak

Is your workplace near a high school track? Can you walk to the sandwich shop rather than drive? There are plenty of ways to build in some physical activity over your lunch break.

Lace-up and shoot some hoops with a coworker or pound the pavement on a jog in an adjoining neighborhood. Also, keep in mind that walking is one of the best daily exercises to stay fit — and it’s easy to do!

5Curb the Snacking

We all love munching on candy while chatting up a coworker or celebrating with cakes in the breakroom, but your waistline will thank you if you ease up on the snacking.

Know when to say no. If you have to walk by your coworker’s bowl of candy each time you head to the restroom, plot out a different route — or track what you’re consuming. You’ll probably be surprised by how many extra calories are entering your body!

Swap out the candy for some vegetables and hummus or unsalted almonds if you need an afternoon snack. Set limits for yourself, and find an accountability partner to help you stick to your goals.

Stay Motivated

To stay fit at the office, it’s vital that you stay motivated. Make a plan to increase your movement at the workplace and control your eating. You’ll start to notice results in no time.

And when you’re ready to find more tips on the latest trends, check back with us for informative articles!


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