Tips For A Smooth Renovation


The time of house renovation can be really stressful and busy. You have dust, noise and lots of tools lying around the house. Staying in the house while the renovation is going on can be really inconvenient and confusing. But with some smart solutions for your home, while you’re getting it renovated, might remove plenty of inconveniences and confusions for you.

There are lots of things that need to be taken care of when you’re renovating a house. Protecting all breakable things from any kind of debris or dust that tends to be around the house when it’s getting renovated is very important. There are few things you should keep in mind and few tips that you can try to make your renovation at home less confusing and chaotic.

1. One At A Time

If you’re living at home while the renovation is going on, do not get all rooms and living spaces renovated at the same time. Distribute the renovation of each room over a period of days or weeks. This might take a little while longer for the renovation to get completed but it will be easier because you can shift all the things of the room getting renovated to other rooms and vice versa. This will not create the inconvenience of all rooms getting renovated at the same time and you having a hard time going around using rooms in the house while it’s getting renovated.

2. Packing and Storage

 You can call for some professional packing and storage services like F&M Bennett & Son Removals and Storage Specialists to pack some of the important things that you would want to store away during the renovation time. They offer professional packing and storage services for your things till the time you don’t need them. They cater to London and Essex, across the country and also within Europe. This is a wise option to take while your house is getting renovated. You don’t have to worry about anything in the house breaking or getting spoilt due to the ongoing renovations. You can store away all your important things in a wooden storage container which will be secured with a seal which will be unbroken till the time you don’t ask for your things back. So you can be rest assured that they will be safe and secure.

3. Protection

The things that are remaining in the house during the renovation, you can cover them up with some plastic packing or old sheets so that they don’t catch paint stains, dust or endure any kind of damage while the renovations are in the process. Larger things like bed, sofas or even kitchen appliances, might be required while the renovation is going on and cannot be sent away for storage. So to protect these things make sure you have layers of plastic or sheets covering them and keeping them safe from any possible damage that can be caused due to the renovation work.

4. Minimum Household Work

Try and get all your household related work done and dusted before the renovations begin. For example, get all your laundry done before the renovations begin, so that you’re at least set for the next few days or even a week till the time the renovations are going on. Also try to get food prepared and store it in the refrigerator so that you have to use the kitchen very less and only for the bare minimum. Since doing chores while there’s renovation going on is a little inconvenient, try to do only the minimum and complete the rest of the tasks before the work on the house begins.


Staying in the house while it’s undergoing renovation has its set of advantages. You are able to keep an eye on all the work that’s going on and also suggest changes during the work itself, if you don’t like something. However, it does come with its discomforts, but these are manageable with just slight smart moves. The inconvenience is manageable and only for a short duration and you will be able to save on the money you would have had to otherwise spend on an alternate accommodation.


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