5 Tips on Where to Install Solar Panels


In the United States alone, there have been two million solar panel installations. The industry is expected to double by 2023, making many people consider the benefits of switching to solar energy.

If you think it’s hard to install solar panels, think again! Keep reading to learn our four tips that teach you how to install a solar panel for the most optimal energy storage.

1Find Maximum Sun Exposure

The best location for solar panels is in an area that gets a lot of sunshine. Look out for any trees or tall fixtures that cast a shadow on your property. Avoid those areas, and instead, find a spot that gets the most amount of sun each day.

Many people don’t know this, but you have to face your solar panel as close to the south as possible. This is true south, not magnetic south, so make sure you look up the direction it should face while installing.

You’ll also want to make sure the panel has the correct tilt. Be sure to keep it at 30° to 35° for optimal results.

2Consider Connection Points

If you have a lot of land, you may want to put your solar panels far away from your home, but that might not be for the best. Consider the wires you would have to use to connect to that.

Also, solar panels need to be close enough to your modem to be constantly monitored for safety and efficiency.

3Solar Equipment Location Matters

The solar panels and the inverters are the two main parts of a roof-mounted array. This means during installation, you need to consider the location of the inverter.

If installed inside, they don’t need to be climate controlled. However, when installed outdoors, you need to be aware of the weather and ensure it will be protected.

Wherever it’s located, be sure to understand how much space it will need to be installed properly.

4Don’t Forget the Conduit Run

Every roof mount system requires one conduit run that spans from the roof to the connection point. Be sure to locate where this conduit can run so it’s not painful to install and looks appealing.

5Install Solar Panels With Help

If you’re having a hard time with your solar panel installation, it may be time for you to contact a professional. Choose a company like Blue Raven Solar that can help you decide the best location for your solar panels, as well as what type of panels you should use.

Install a Solar Panel on Your Home Today

Now that you know how to install a solar panel on your home, it’s time for you to get it done! Remember to find a sunny area to install solar panels and keep them facing the correct orientation to capture the maximum energy possible.

If you learned something new, don’t stop! Check out some of the other informative articles we have on our site, and keep learning today.


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