5 Tips for Improving Your Print Shop


Running a print shop is quickly becoming one of the most popular small businesses that people can start.  The cost of creating one of these shops is comparatively low to other small businesses, and the customer demand is always high: but it can be hard to stand out against all of the other shops springing up. One thing that can make you stand out is having a garment printer in your shop.

Here are five tips to follow if you want to increase sales and push your print shop further towards success!

1Improve Customer Service

Customer service is as vital as your print shop software or your customers themselves.  Regardless of whether you work your shop alone or you have a small group of employees, your customers will always expect the best service from you.  One of the best ways to provide this is to have a customer service bot that can answer common questions on your website.  This will allow your customers to have answers 24/7 and only the big problem ones to come directly to you.  This can also work for gathering information like the customer’s email or phone number.

2Start A Newsletter

Newsletters are back in style!  Although you could go entirely classic and send out paper mailers, a more cost and time practical approach is to create an email list!  Gather any potential leads and customer emails and send them emails updating on discounts, new projects and products, and reminders about approaching sales.  People are more likely to buy if they have these reminders, and it builds a relationship between your business and your leads.

3Get As Many Reviews As You Can

Reviews are like gold.  If you want to get as many customers as possible, you have to get good reviews from your current customers.  Although this can be rough since people don’t want to spend more time than they have to on anything: offer a discount code or some prize for those who will review your products after they buy them.  These reviews can boost more business, which will gain more thoughts in a circular cycle.

4Offer More Ways To Ship

Customers love the variety!  If you only offer FedEx shipping, consider adding USPS to it.  Some people have brand loyalty to one or the other, and it’s good to have an option available to them.  On top of that, the shipping times and costs can fluctuate wildly between the two, and people will want to be able to compare when they’re checking out.

5Offer Referral Discounts

Your customers have bought from you before: and with a print shop, they’ll likely purchase again. So offer a discount to any customers who can refer a new one.  Set a minimum order amount for the new customer, and you can have their say who referred them by entering their email into a slot on the form.  People trust referrals because we highly price the opinions of people around us.  From here, hopefully, your new customer will refer others, and the list of recent customers will go on endlessly.

Your print shop deserves to thrive!  Make some minor tweaks to it, and you’ll be able to boost your income.


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