5 Retirement Home Red Flags You Should Watch For


Putting a family member or loved one in a retirement home is supposed to give you peace of mind.

Unfortunately, some nursing homes and assisted living centers don’t give you that feeling. And whether it’s your gut telling you something is wrong or you notice key warning signs, it’s important to look for the red flags.

But what are the red flags you should look for?

Here are 5 signs it’s time to switch facilities.

1Current Residents Aren’t Cared For

Looking at current residents of the nursing home is your best bet for getting a feel for the place. Do they look taken care of? Do they seem happy?

If residents look sad, despondent, or even neglected, that’s a sign you should avoid the retirement facility.

In some cases, negligence can actually be considered elderly abuse. If you’re wondering if this is true to your situation, it’s a good idea to contact an elder abuse attorney.

2Low Attendance

Low attendance is a sign that of high turnover at a facility. If a retirement home is below 50 percent of its capacity, for example, you may take that as a sign that something’s off.

Of course, this might not apply if the place just opened. Sometimes, low attendance just means they are going through a transition period, too.

Over-marketing of a facility to try and get you in the door is also something to look for. This could mean they have a difficult time getting new customers in the door.

3Bad Reviews

People who experience poor elderly care often write about it online. It’s not a bad idea to do extensive internet research on the retirement homes in your community before signing up.

As is the case with all bad reviews, it’s important to take them at face value. Bad reviews are often left in the heat of the moment by people who feel slighted. One bad review may prompt further research instead of disqualification as an option.

4Violations In the Past

Each state has different laws that explain what constitutes neglect or elderly abuse. But across the board, it should be easy to find this information online.

Make sure you research elderly homes in your community and check for violations, fines, or complaints issued.

The Assisted Living Foundation of America can help you find your state’s resources for violators.

5Disrespectful Staff

A rude or disrespectful staff speaks volumes about the culture of a facility. If the staff treats you poorly, you can assume that they will also treat your family member or loved one poorly.

That’s all the information you need to move on to the next place.

Retirement Home Red Flags to Look For

Retirement homes are supposed to give you peace of mind. Looking out for warning signs, such as violations, signs of neglect, and rude staff can help you feel confident about your decision.

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