5 Tips on How to Eat and Stay Healthy on Holiday Without Depriving Yourself


Holidays often mean lots of time spent with family or friends and usually involve lots of food. The best part of any holiday is experiencing the most delicious meals which you do not usually have time to cook – an oven-roasted turkey, sweet potato casserole, meatballs with cranberry sauce, and dozens of other temptations. At that time, students forget about their assignments because they know where to find a research paper writer for cheap.

I would wager that a gluttony week can turn even the most ambitious athlete into lazybones. Who may refuse to try grandma’s cookies after all? What should you do if you are watching your weight over holidays? We know the best ways to indulge in delicious holiday meal yet manage to stay healthy and energized.Here is a countdown of the top 5 tips.

Avoid Diet Plan

Number one rule – while you are on holiday, do not tell yourself you go on a diet after these days. That all-or-nothing thinking often leads to a cycle of overeating than not eating enough and then overeating again. The right way is to choose healthy and balanced eating over dieting.

Don’t Skip Meals

When it is Christmas time, Thanksgiving or Hanukkah, people sometimes skip meals to save calories.However, I’ve got bad news for you – it often backfires and may lead to overeating. Your goal on holiday is to have three meals a day at least.

Eat a Small Snack

If you go hungry, you will end up eating anything especially things that are less healthy. A tasty snack includes both fiber and protein. For example, veggie sticks with the bean dip, low-fat Greek yogurt with berries or an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter. And do not forget to drink water. It will help you to slow down your eating and also avoid extra calories from alcohol, juices, and other beverages.

Move your Body

While I’m not a big fan of using exercise as a weight-loss tool, I’m a big fan of using exercise as a feel-good tool. Our bodies are designed to move. The logic is simple – the more we move our bodies, the better our bodies feel, and the better our bodies feel, the more likely we are to make healthy choices.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel satisfied, you tend to want to support that by making great choices with your food throughout the day? When you are feeling kind of crappy, you tend to reach for those crappy foods. So, continuing to make time for some movements can be a potent tool.

Do note that this does not mean you need to be going to the gym for an hour and a half every single day. You want to commit to something that you know you can deliver on, whether it is 5, 10 or 20 minutes a day. It is just consistency of keeping your body in motion. By the way, writing can also burn calories (up to 60 per hour). But if you prefer to weight loss by dancing on a party instead of doing your assignments, you will need review writing service.


Yes, keep on cooking even if you find that you are much busier than you usually are. Whipping up a few of your favorite healthy staples to have on hand is a great way to balance out all of the holiday festivities. It can be as easy as keeping some overnight oats on hand, making a big pot of vegetable soup or some turkey chili so that you have something delicious, nourishing, and convenient as an easy lunch or dinner throughout the week. You can also make a new Instagram profile or blog to award yourself by dozens of likes.

The idea is to create awareness so that we can hang on to some of our healthy habits in the midst of the chaos of the holiday season.


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