Advantages Of Learning Through Education Apps


Today in the tech-savvy era, students are so busy with their smartphones and laptops that, they have started using them for study purpose as well. Yes! Apart from texing and browsing social media sites, they use it as a channel to download notes, share notes with each other, attend the online mock tests, download practice question papers, and more. There are many Educational Apps which provide authentic and detailed information. Registering to eLearning apps such as BYJU’S provides a platform to learn online. Study materials in the form of PDF notes and videos by the experts to prepare for various board exams and competitive exams will be available. Below we have discussed some benefits of Education Apps.

Learning is more interactive

Earlier the place to gain knowledge were only schools, institutes, tuition classes, and libraries. In this era with the advancement of technology, students can gain knowledge through electronic gadgets such as a laptop, computer, smartphones, tablets, and the internet. The online education apps provide all the required information along with necessary study materials such as interactive videos, educational games, and notes as well as question papers. The boring lessons are made interesting by using 3D graphics animated images and videos so the students can easily understand the concepts.

Available 24*7

Since students can download the study materials such as textbooks, question papers, notes, syllabus from the internet they can study offline as per their convenience. Students can study anytime and from anywhere at their own pace.

Easy availability of resources

The books and information related to a topic can be easily got from online libraries from any part of the world. Students have the freedom to access it beyond the boundaries of space and time.


Since the laptop, tablet and smartphones are portable the study materials are also portable. They are stored in your device and you can access it from any country and at any time. It is handy and does not require a lot of physical space to carry along.

Focused learning

In traditional learning where students attend class in a physical place such as college and school, the teacher has to conduct the lecture for around 40-50 students at a time. Obviously, it is quite difficult for the teacher to focus on all the students and cannot ensure if each student is engaged and understanding during each session. When students use the app they can learn the concepts at their own pace.


Using eLearning Apps for learning is more sustainable when compared to traditional learning methods. The study materials online can be easily got without wasting much time.

Go green

Learning Apps help to have greener earth as there is no cutting down of trees whereas millions of trees are cut down for making papers for traditional learning.

For a better understanding of mathematics, physics, biology, as well as chemistry concepts such as number system, Scattering of light, Science of the human body, Arrhenius Equation, etc. students can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and check out the video lessons.


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