6 Useful Tips for Driving in a Foreign Country Like a Pro


Cars have brought a lot of convenience to our lives. But, they have also jeopardized our existence as the number of car accidents is surging at an unprecedented rate. There are various causes of car accidents, and we are mostly aware of them, but still, we find ourselves at both giving and receiving end of car accidents.

Moreover, driving in a foreign country further amps up these risks because of the unfamiliarity of the traffic rules, regulations, and culture prevalent in the country. Therefore, we have listed here six useful tips you can follow to drive without facing any significant hassle.

1. Add a local lawyer number in your phone

Do your research and find the best local lawyer in advance, so that when the time comes you can act quickly. For example, if you are living in the state of Oregon in the United States, search for the top Portland car accident attorney and you’ll find some great options. Once you find the right lawyer, put his contact number on your phone so that you can contact him in any emergency.

2. Get the feel of the car

Do not rent a car and take it straight to the main road because it may result in several operational uncertainties. It is a common understanding that almost every vehicle has a different feel in terms of control, and it is essential to align with it before barging on the main roads.

Therefore, drive a bit in the parking lot or on the back roads in both the forward and reverse gears. Moreover, it is much better to opt for an automatic car as it will shift your focus totally on the road and on keeping your vehicle within the lane markers.

3. Read about the local traffic rules

Read thoroughly about the local traffic rules or learn traffic control course because they can turn out to be quite different from your native country. For example, be familiar with regulations like the correct driving side of the road, mandatory documents you must have in the car, general speed limits, and car seat rules for your kids.

4. Make sure that the car is insured

When you are driving in an unknown environment, it exposes you to a higher level of risk as compared to when you are driving in a known environment like your own country. Therefore, make sure that the rented car has valid insurance so that you do not have to pay for the damages in case of an accident.

5. Keep the focus on your driving

You may be traveling to a country that has a different traffic culture as compared to your native place. For example, in Thailand, you will experience incredibly aggressive drivers and a lot of abuses being hurled on the road. Therefore, make sure you do not get distracted or riled up due to such behaviors and focus on your car and the way you are driving.

6. Get the help of GPS

One of the most troubling elements of driving in a foreign land is if you lose your way, because you may also not be able to communicate with anyone due to the language barrier. Therefore, make sure that you have a GPS enabled car or mobile phone because it will make the whole navigation process much more convenient.

In a nutshell, do not take the challenges of driving in a foreign country lightly, because complacency and lack of preparation can create a lot of hassles for you.


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