Tips on How to Choose the Right Pool Cleaner


Swimming in a pretty cool swimming pool offers one of the best experiences everyone desires. It’s one of the unique additions in your home backyard where you can always experience an excellent swimming experience whenever you want. However, just like everything else, swimming requires fresh and clean water that may promote your good health. You will notice that litter, dropping leaves from the trees, dust and any other form of dirt may fall into the pool unnoticed. You have to ensure that your pool is always clean using the most appropriate pool cleaners. To help you out, here are the tips on how to choose the right pool cleaner for you.

Size of the pool

The first factor you need to look at is the size of your swimming pool. For those having a small pool, they can efficiently manage using the manual pool cleaners which may be efficient, but you also need to create some time to perform the job. Those with medium and large swimming pools like the restaurants for commercial use, they can consider improving when it comes to pool cleaning and consider the use of automatic or robotic cleaners which offer high efficiency.

The efficiency of the Cleaner

When making choosing the right pool cleaner, you need to look at the efficiency of the cleaner in terms of the time it takes to clean the pool and also the efficiency. You realize that manual cleaners are efficient when cleaning the pools as it depends on the user efforts to clean faster and better but if you decide to use them on large pools it can take you forever as you can get exhausted and feel unable to complete the task. If you need to consider using the most efficient pool cleaner, then you can always use the robotic cleaner as it offers high efficiency.

Consumption of Energy

You also need to consider the energy consumption of the pool cleaner you decide to buy for cleaning your pool to avoid additional bills. Manual cleaners require your energy and effort where automatic and robotic cleaners are energy efficient as they do not use a lot of power when cleaning.

The only pool cleaner that uses extra energy is the pressure side cleaner as it comes with a separate booster pump that promotes high performance but also pushes power consumption to rise extra higher.

Dependency on the Filtration System

The filtration system of the pool cleaner that you decide to use also determines the efficiency and the performance of your pool cleaner. You will notice that suction side pool cleaners come with a separate filter bag which eliminates the chances of dirt blocking the system which leads to straining the system thus forcing which leads to low performance and more power usage. It prevents stress on the filtration system where the robotic pool cleaners come with inbuilt filtration systems that require you to stop the cleaner and empty the dirt when the filters are filled with dirt.

Filtration System


The shape of the pool

The shape of your pool also determines the type of pool cleaner that you need to buy or hire. You have noticed that swimming pools are constructed in various shapes and design that makes it necessary for you to select the right pool cleaner that will clean your pool with high efficiency. Although most of the cleaners can clean pools with different shapes, you will notice that some work better under the specific shape. It will better if you choose the pool cleaner that will offer high efficiency when cleaning your pool in terms of performance, time and energy consumption.

The Material

It is also necessary that you consider the material used in constructing your pool. You realize that modern trends have changed everything where pools are built from fiberglass, tiles, vinyl or the standard concrete. The material used will determine the best cleaner for you to use that provides high efficiency and performance so that you can perform the work with ease. Pools made of fiberglass and vinyl requires extra care so that you may not destroy or break the sensitive material. It will ensure that the pool can last for a long while providing the best environment for you to relax and swim at any time.

Leaf Load

Leaf load depends on the environment your pool is located. If the swimming pools are located in a place where there are some trees, then your pool is bound to collect lots of leaves within a few days. It means more workload for your pool cleaner where you need to buy the pool cleaner with high performance and also the ability to handle the regular and tough job when removing all the leaves and the debris. The size of the leaves matters where large leaves mean that it may choke the filtration system and therefore you need to select a pool cleaner with a reliable filtration system that can handle large and loads of leaves without getting choked.

Ease of use

You also need to select a pool cleaner that will be easier to use. You realize that automatic and robotic cleaners are the easiest to use. The cleaners do not require you to do anything but only to place the cleaner into the pool and switch on the system and let the cleaner do the magic all by itself while you sit there relaxing and watching. The cleaners scrape all the specks of dirt out while griming the walls and the floor to remove any dirt thus leaving the pool crystal clean where only need to rinse and let the inlets fill the pool with clean and fresh water.


As you already know, cleaning the pool is one of the most critical activities that you can’t evade. You need to ensure that the water is ever clean so that you can swim comfortably in a clean and healthy environment which does not put your life or anybody else life at risk. It requires you to consider all the factors discussed above, and you will get to choose the best and the right pool cleaner for all your needs. Make sure you select the best and most reliable pool cleaner that will make your work easier.


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