5 Things to Remember Before You Travel


After planning and arranging a trip, there’s still a lot of practical things to remember to do before you leave, whether you’re away for a weekend or a month.

1Passport and visa’s

The most important thing to remember to pack is your passport, not only for the flight but it works as your identification for the rest of your trip. If anything happens to you when travelling, that passport will be essential.

Make sure early on that you have enough free pages in your passport and that it won’t expire soon. Another good tip is to make some copies of your passport, just in case something happens to it.

Remember to check if you need a visa to enter the country you’re travelling to. Applying for a new passport can take a while, so check the duration date in advance.


When travelling, getting a credit card could be a smart move. You should bring your regular debit card for money withdrawals and then use a credit card when you pay for food or goods in places you don’t completely trust.

3Do you need any vaccines?

Depending on where you’re going, you’ll have to do some research on what vaccines you might need so that you don’t get sick on your trip. To get into some countries you’ll have to present a vaccination card as well, with proof of all the required vaccines.

Check what you need at the same time as booking the trip, so that you manage to get them done in time. Some of the vaccines are taken in multiple doses so you need to plan ahead.


Make sure you’re covered by a good travel insurance before you start your trip. It’s even smart to book your flight and accommodation with a credit card so that you’re covered if anything gets cancelled.

Your insurance should cover lost luggage, evacuation, theft, and medical assistance. Even if you’re not leaving your home county, you should always be insured when travelling.

5Secure your home

When you’ve made sure that you and your friends or family are safe while on your trip, it’s almost equally important to keep your house safe while you’re gone. It makes it easier to relax and enjoy your vacation and you don’t have to arrive home to a negative surprise.

There are plenty of ways to leave your home secure when you’re away and the easiest way is to invest in good security solutions for your house. With modern technology, you can even have full control over your home from afar, via your phone.


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