Top 7 Things to Remember When Renovating Your Bathroom


Renovations are a stressful process. You’d usually have a vision in your head for how you want everything to look and you’d be worried that your renovation may not achieve that. Or, there are simply problems cropping up everywhere. Fixtures not being in stock. Contractors finding issues with your place. It’s seemingly endless. This is only worse when it comes to renovating your bathroom. Bathrooms are the most intimate and private areas in a home. You’d want your bathroom to be absolutely perfect and here’s where there’s the greatest chance of having more issues. Therefore, we’ve come up with this post to talk about the top seven things you’d have to remember when renovating your bathroom. These are crucial tips that can help make your bathroom renovation process much better. So without further ado, let’s dig into them!

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1Always Be Clear With Your Contractor

It’s always easy to assume that people understand what you mean. But, that’s not often the case. Misunderstandings happen all the time. And the last thing you’d want a misunderstanding on is your bathroom renovation decisions. Therefore, don’t ever assume that your contractor knows what you want. Always be clear. Ask questions and ensure that they understand what you want!

You’re going to be spending a large sum of money making your bathroom what you want. The last thing you’d want is for your bathroom renovation to be affected by a simple misunderstanding. Therefore, always be clear with your contractor on what you want. And, always ensure that they understand what you want. During the process, be sure to check in and ensure that there’s nothing wrong. It’s much easier to make changes during the process than after.

2Bathroom Renovations Are Far Costlier Than You’d Expect

You might not know this but bathroom renovations are far costlier than you’d expect. If you’re thinking that a few thousand dollars will be enough for a remodel, you’re wrong. Instead, you can expect a bathroom remodel to cost more than ten thousand dollars. Of course, you can always lower this cost by choosing cheaper materials and fixtures. However, you’d have to be first aware in order to make such changes! Therefore, be sure to look at the cost of items and services when remodeling your bathroom. Don’t choose anything that you can’t or don’t want to pay for.

3Bathtubs Aren’t Always The Way To Go

For many, a dream bathroom involves a beautiful bathtub. It’s the epitome of luxury and you just want a bathtub. However, that’s not actually the best idea. Bathtubs aren’t always the way to go. If you choose to get a bathtub, ensure that it is a fixture that you’ll actually be using. If you prefer showers or rarely have time for baths, a bathtub will be an unnecessary expense. You should also think about cleaning – bathtubs are hard to clean and require a great amount of work. If you don’t enjoy cleaning or don’t have the time for it, again, bathtubs might not be a good choice.

4Plan Your Bathroom Lights Well

You might not think bathroom lighting is important but it is. Bathrooms are where one would usually get ready and hence, you’d need proper lighting to be able to get ready. This is particularly if you’re someone who does makeup. Then, you’d need the right lighting to ensure that you can apply your makeup well. Dim or dark lighting can result in you doing your makeup badly as there would be weird shadows cast across your face. Instead, vertical fluorescent lighting by the sides of your mirror is what you’d want. If you have light-colored countertops, you would also want to avoid placing ceiling downlights above them. This will only result in light being reflected wildly around the room. If in doubt, always consult the salesperson in the lighting store. Or, hire a designer! They’d have the best experience and knowledge on how you should position your lights.

5You Need To Plan Your Outlets

This is often a problem for people – they finish renovating their bathroom and realize that they haven’t placed an outlet. Or, they have their outlet in the most awkward position. If you’re someone who needs an outlet in your bathroom – for your shaver, hairdryer, or electric toothbrush, an outlet is vastly important. And, you’d want your outlet in a convenient and safe place. Therefore, planning your outlet’s position is an important thing to consider when designing your new bathroom.

6Grout Is Important

Another small but important detail is your bathroom’s grout. Grout constitutes a small element of your bathroom but it plays an important role. After all, the grout helps to keep dirt and water out. If your tiles don’t fit perfectly, they also help to fill the gaps in. Lastly, they add to the structural integrity of your bathroom’s fixtures. Therefore, it’s something that you can’t throw aside. You’d then have to consider how you want grout in your bathroom to look. If you want it to stand out, you’d choose a different color grout. Or, if you can’t stand things looking dirty, you’d want to choose dark-colored grout. White grout must definitely be avoided. If the grout’s in a place that’s going to often be wet, you’d also want synthetic grout. Whatever it is, grout is far more important a detail than you’d think.

7Planning For Your Bathroom Size

Not everyone can have a huge bathroom space and hence, it’s always important to plan your bathroom according to how much space you have. You wouldn’t want to have a cramped bathroom where you’re bumping into everything all the time. Therefore, it’s important to plan and make adaptations for your space. If you have a smaller area, you might want to choose a toilet that’s smaller and takes up less space. Or, a wall-mounted toilet would also create a greater illusion of space. Whatever it is, plan to suit your bathroom’s space constraints!


Bathrooms are some of the most intimate areas of your home. This is the one place you’d like to relax and completely be yourself. Therefore, you’d want to create an amazing bathroom for yourself. With our seven tips, we hope that you’d have a better time planning out your bathroom and creating the space of your dreams.


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