5 Kinds of Professionals and Businesses Who Invest in Cryptocurrencies


The cryptocurrency ecosystem has always attracted people from a diverse cross section of the population. Many people have tried to seize the crypto ecosystem in its nascent stage. You will find individuals and corporations, which had invested hundreds of dollars way back in 2010 or 2011, now worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

You will also find people who invested millions of dollars make flash sales and exit with a few thousand dollars. What is certain is that the volatility of the crypto world is not something that everyone has an appetite for.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been highly profitable for some. There is also little uncertainty about the fact that it has also resulted in huge losses for many. In this article, we are going to look at five classes of individuals or professionals who are investing in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in a big way.

Five kinds of professionals and businesses, which invest in Cryptocurrencies: The List

1Investment Fund Managers

In recent years, more and more suave investment fund managers on Wall Street are cautiously dipping their portfolios into cryptocurrencies. Most of these investment and asset managers are doing so on behalf of their wealthy clients in USA, Middle East and China.

Their main attraction when it comes to Bitcoins is buying them when they are bottoming out and selling it during the peak. Thankfully, in the crypto world, this period can take place within one year itself.

2Financial Analysts

While most people think that financial analysts and investment managers are similar, they are not. Financial Analysts work closely with commercial/private and public entities like the government. They work as a liaison between markets and regulators.

In most cases, these people have access to the latest information at all times. They use these insights and inner circle information to invest heavily in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. You will also find them lobbying hard and presenting White Papers on cryptocurrencies.

3Computer Scientists

Cryptocurrencies are mined following complex solving of computational equations and algorithms. In order to become a Crypto Miner, you would need highly advanced tech knowledge. Mining is a very technologically sophisticated process. This is why computer scientists invest their knowledge and keep their mining rewards- Bitcoins or other crypto.

With the rise of Crypto Exchanges and Trading platforms, computer scientists have found newer avenues to associate themselves with the crypto ecosystem.

4Human Rights Activists

You might be surprised why human rights activists are buying, selling, using or even exchanging cryptocurrencies. However, you need to understand that their attraction stems from not profit, but from a standpoint of being anti-establishment.

The theoretical foundations of Bitcoin’s decentralization is a very attractive proposition for people who feel suffocated by governmental control and interference in almost every aspect of their lives. These people also championed the Zeitgeist Movement at its helm.

5Governments through Private Corporations

There have been reports that many national governments are experimenting with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by building up a reserve in crypto assets. Many American lawmakers believe that nation states can destabilise the supremacy of the American Dollar through Bitcoins.

While there is little proof to back these claims up, as Bitcoin is anonymous, increased mining activities in selected parts of the world point to a different picture. For example, Chinese miners own operate and control 70% of Bitcoin’s Mining Network.


In recent years with the help of the bitcoin code, more and more common people are also becoming a part of the crypto ecosystem. The rise of credible trading platforms have enabled many individuals to invest a small sum of money and earn high profits by dealing in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.


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