Things You Unconsciously Do at Home that Contributes to Environmental Damage


There are things you already got used to and you thought they’re okay. Unknowingly, these actions have an adverse impact to the environment. It’s time for you to be aware of them so you can start changing your ways.

Leaving the plug even when not using devices

After using any device at home, you need to unplug it. If you don’t do so, the device will keep consuming energy. Apart from the fridge that needs to stay on to preserve your food, the rest needs to get unplugged. Whether it’s your TV or air conditioning unit, you can’t leave home when they’re still plugged.

Throwing your waste products in one bin

You might think that you’re already responsible for throwing all the waste products in a bin. The truth is that you need to use different bins depending on the nature of the waste products. You need to practice waste segregation even if it takes time and effort.

You also have to check if the garbage collection company has a correct garbage disposal practice. Otherwise, your efforts to segregate the waste items would be useless.

Blasting the air conditioning unit

You adjust the temperature of your air conditioner depending on your needs. On a hot summer day, you want the air conditioner to produce as low a temperature as possible to keep you cold. You also keep it on for several hours. The truth is that you don’t need to use the appliance throughout the day. After a few minutes, the room temperature already changes. You can turn it off and the place will feel the same. If it doesn’t, it means that there’s an insulation issue. Find a way to solve it so that air won’t escape and temperature stays the same.

Maximizing the amount of heat when cooking

You might think that you’re going to cook any meal faster when you turn up the heat to the maximum level. The truth is that you’re running the risk of burning the food. You’re also using an unnecessary amount of gas. An ideal option is to limit the use of the electrical or gas stove. You can set up a stove that utilizes wood. It’s more energy efficient but still provides the same results. You can use kiln dried wood if you worry that this stove will consume too much wood. This type of dried wood lasts longer. Check if log delivery is available so you won’t have a hard time transporting what you need.

Using disposable utensils

You might think that you’re saving time and effort if you don’t wash your dishes. You even think that not using the dishwasher is a good thing. Therefore, you turn to disposal utensils. The problem is that you’re wasting lots of resources on something that you only use once. Besides, just because you’re using a regular utensil doesn’t mean you have to use the dishwasher for cleaning. You can manually wash them after use.

Changing your ways at home could go a long way. You need to be more responsible of your actions.


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