Things to consider when buying car parts online


The technology in the shopping industry has made it so much easy for anyone to get anything from anywhere. You no longer need to travel long distances in search of a commodity not found in your location.  Simply go online and get it.

The e-commerce industry is indeed making the world go around. Most people are finding its convenience quite irresistible.

And when it comes to buying car spare parts, nothing makes it worth your time and cash than doing so online. You will not only save on cash by avoiding fuel expenses, but you will also save a lot of time. Here is how.

Find a good dealer

It all starts by identifying a genuine car dealer. This is a dealer that has only genuine spare parts.

Genuine car parts are such like the ones that came originally with the car when you bought it. But such parts run out the more you put your car to use. More so, those parts that are directly involved in the locomotion.

Spares can be made from other companies apart from the car maker. They only carry the company logo. This makes some to assume aftermarket parts must have the logo for the warranty to be applicable. That is a baseless account since it is not indicated in The Magnuson-Most Warranty Act.

If you take your car to a different repair shop away from the dealership repairer, then you have voided the warranty. You are also advised against repairing the vehicle from home.

If you use a qualified dealership, then you won’t have to worry about checking whether or not the parts are genuine. On the other hand, you are free to find your dealer of repair at home as long as you can get the right spares and you understand how they work.

Whereas online shopping has made things much easier, you should not get comfortable. Many fake merchants are operating on the market. They will sell fake parts just because they are out to make money.

Most car parts are specific to the vehicle they are made for. This means picking a wrong spare will spell trouble for our auto.

Your needs –type of car

Before you even think about going online, start by establishing your needs. Why do you need the spare parts? Is it because the ones you have been run out, or you just want to have one in case something happens?

Understanding your needs also means being able to know the type of car you are driving. Learn a few things about it and the types of spares it needs. Every car comes with a manual, making it easy for the user to understand everything about it.

Remember, buying online can be tricky. You are not there to measure the fitness of the part. Your choice depends on your knowledge and understanding.

Take a look at the engine, the rims, the axle and anything else that may need changing shortly. The moment you get the car, take your time to learn it especially if you are a first-time buyer. This will help you compare different stores in your search and the quality they offer.

The experience of the dealer

Boodmo is a spare parts dealer that has been operating in India for several years now. The fact that the company has managed to stay top in the region means they offer quality services.

Through experience, a company can learn better ways to provide excellent services to their customers. You will not be a trial-and-error subject to them. With the online market growing by the day, ensuring establishing trust with a dealership is paramount.

The quality of the website

Consider how the website is structured. This is the face of the company. Does it have all the information you need?  This includes contact, location, and the services offered. Is it easy to navigate, or are you having trouble getting around?

A good modern website should be compatible with multiple devices. If it does not work on your phone, then such is not worth your time.


What is the return policy? Many people forget to check out the terms, conditions, and policies of working with a particular online store. While buying car parts is made easy, it only when you understand how the stores work that you get the most out of it. If there is a refund policy, warranty and other regulations, you must be aware.

Transportation and delivery

How will the item be shipped to you? This means you must consider the physical location of the dealership. In case of anything, you can just walk into the offices and ask for help. It makes your work so much easier.

Payment options

Consider a company that offers multiple payment options. If you don’t like using credit cards, there must be something else you could use. It is all about making you feel as comfortable as possible. Once you can pay with ease, everything else follows smoothly.

Personal experience

Are you familiar with online shopping technology? Though you don’t need the experience to buy online, it helps to understand how the industry works. Start with easier things before advancing to bigger ones.

Final thought

Whenever you log onto a website, there is always the section for reviews from other customers. This part should be your ally. It is like learning from the experience of others and it help pick the right dealership.


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