Find the Best Real Estate Agent for your next deal


Choosing a Real Estate Agent is the fundamental thing, it is the first thing that you should look for if you plan to put your home for sale. Think that you play a lot and that it will be reflected in your family and economy. If you have decided to sell your home, here are 5 qualities that I recommend you look for in the possible Real Estate Agents.

Creativity when closing a home purchase transaction, some obstacles or inconveniences may arise

  • The mortgage contract may have strange or incomprehensible clauses.
  • The valuation of the floor is lower than previously thought.
  • The buyer can back out.
  • Inspection of the floor may reveal damage of more…

It is in these situations is where you need a real estate professional like Larry Weltman who has the creativity and experience enough to overcome these problems and help solve them.

Knowledge and Experience

Buying or selling a house is much more than a buying and selling operation is a lifestyle. To advise you well, the real estate agent must know well what kind of life the buyer will carry, motivations, according to his family, his income, and his plans … to know what kind of house would fit him.

Calm and Temperance

When the home is not sold, the buyer repents, or does not receive any offers for their house, feelings of discouragement; frustration and depression can even arise easily.

A great Real Estate agent like Larry Weltman Toronto knows that there are a lot of houses and a lot of buyers out there, so losing in any one is not a death sentence and thanks to his experience he will transmit calm, temperance along with some constructive, intelligent suggestions for points of action that must work, to keep the process going.


You do not want or do not need to have an agent that does not tell you the truth of the process of selling your house, such as Price, Expenses, Difficulty, etc … It is important for you that the Real Estate Agent be honest with your clients, since This type of behaviour has many benefits in the long term, there are times when a real estate agent can “exaggerate” the qualities of a home to “force” the closing of the transaction, although this can bring benefits in the short term to The end can be harmful for the agent because “in the future” some “deficiencies” of the property can come to light, which can generate a negative image of the agent.

You need an agent who is willing to tell the truth and have difficult conversations with you, even conversations that you will not like.


Not always the agent with more experience and more years in the profession is the most convenient, because many of them are simply so busy that they do not have the time it takes to dedicate to the client.

Productivity is not incompatible with good practices or professional ethics. Sellers hire agents to do something difficult: sell. The most productive agents are those who receive the most recommendations and therefore the ones that sell the most.


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