Quality Leads: Strategies and Tips for Getting Better Leads


You’ve been called to the Bar, you’ve got your shiny new license to practice, and so far, your efforts at drawing in clients have been going pretty well.

Or at least that’s what you would have said a few months ago. But today? After dealing with the tire-kickers, the penny-pinchers, and the time-wasters, you’ve come to a startling realization:

Having leads in the pipeline isn’t the same thing as having quality leads.

What kind of lead generation strategies should you be looking at? How can you find qualified leads in record time? We’re about to give you our top tips for generating leads. Keep reading to find out more.

Refine Your Buyer Persona

Legal marketing can sometimes be tricky because the answer to the question, “Who needs legal advice?” is “Everyone.”. But at the same time, a career professional who needs you to review a corporate contract isn’t going to have the same needs and concerns as a criminal client who just got charged with a DUI.

Your buyer personas will let you know who your clients are and what they’re looking for. This, in turn, can help you craft more targeted marketing campaigns.

Be Intentional With Your Marketing

Some businesses will post on social media looking for likes and engagement. And on an intuitive level, the idea of using viral content to put yourself on more people’s radars does have a certain appeal.

However, niche marketing is all the rage in marketing circles these days.

Why? Because people are increasingly becoming advertising blind. If you want to create the kind of advertising that makes a lead stop scrolling through their Facebook feed in order to click on your link and check you out, you’ll want to make your content and your ads as targeted as possible.

Make Your Website Easier to Navigate

Your prospect is looking for legal help when they stumble upon your website. Maybe they’re trying to click through to a blog post. Or maybe they’re expecting to land on a services page.

The problem that a lot of law firms have is that their landing pages are often cluttered or are otherwise trying to say too many things at once. And when all is said and done, their sites are either full of boring, boilerplate content that makes people want to leave. Or, their leads give up after a while because they’re tired of clicking through the site.

Here’s the bottom line.

Your leads are busy people. The last thing you want is to be doing everything right, only to lose your prospects at the finish line.

Generating Quality Leads Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

As a service provider, there comes a point in most lead generation efforts where you start to realize that you don’t want leads. You want quality leads.

The truth is that figuring out how to generate leads is often as simple as drilling down on your niche. The more you can speak directly to the people you want as clients, the more effective your marketing efforts will be.

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