How to Stay Safe When Visiting a Destination for the First Time


Traveling is an exciting experience for anyone, whether it be for business or leisure. However, exploring somewhere new comes with challenges. You are in unfamiliar territory and want to make sure that you protect both yourself and your belongings.

In this article, we are going to discuss some tips on how you can stay safe while traveling to a new destination.

Let’s get started!

Do your research

One of the first things you should do before traveling is research. This will help you learn more about the destination, its laws, and its culture. Check out some websites like this Lea County news, for example. You’ll be able to find plenty of information on local events. Some different areas you should look into include:

  • Crime rates and statistics
  • Emergency services and phone numbers
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Public transport

Protect your belongings

Theft is one of the most common issues for travelers and occurs all over the world. When visiting any destination, you want to make sure that you protect your belongings as much as possible. Consider wearing a money belt underneath your shirt and avoid carrying large amounts of cash. If you are staying at a hotel, utilize the safe for your important paperwork. Remember, traveling light is the best option. You can find more packing tips here.

Look like a local

Tourists are often easy targets, so to limit your chance of theft or criminal activity, try your best to look like a local. Dress in the appropriate clothing, avoid wearing a camera around your neck, and walk like you know where you are going. Trust us when we say it can make a big difference.

Avoid scams

Unfortunately, not every friendly local is genuine, and this can lead you into some sticky situations. There are many different scams out there, and you want to make sure you avoid them. Here are a few to watch out for:

  • Dodgy tours
  • Taxi’s overcharging
  • Fake cops
  • Fake souvenirs

Check out these common travel scams for more information.

Stay in touch with family and friends

Traveling alone? You want to make sure that you stay in touch with family and friends as frequently as possible. Inform them of where you are staying, what you are doing, and even consider sending them updates on your location with an app like FamiSafe or Safe 365. This way, if something does go wrong, they have plenty of information to help find you.

Trust your instincts

Lastly, the most important tip to follow when traveling to a new destination is to follow your instincts. If the taxi driver doesn’t seem quite right or you don’t feel 100% safe in your accommodation, trust your gut and make different arrangements. Our body has natural intuition for a reason, and it’s always better to listen to our feelings.

By following these tips above, you can enjoy your trip away and rest easy knowing that you are safe. Just make sure that you don’t stress too much. While you must be vigilant, you shouldn’t spend the entire time worrying. It’s important to have fun!


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