Everything You Need To Know About FamiSafe Kid Tracker


The one and only most important objective of a parent is to provide the best things to his or her kids and protect them from anything and everything that is bad for them. The world today is more exposed to vulnerabilities for kids, which have been introduced more by technology. There was a time when the worst worries of a parent were about kidnappers and intruders, but with the increase in technological usage, the parents now have to ensure the safety of their kids from various dimensions.

The kids of these days are becoming more exposed to the internet or online criminals as the use of gadgets has increased to a large extent even by the kids these days. Previously, some parents tried to keep their kids away from the digital world to ensure that their kids are not exposed to any kind of online bullies.

But, after the pandemic situation, every parent was forced to give their children mobiles and other gadgets in order to attend their classes during the lockdown. So, during such situations, FamiSafe parental control app was the best option that was able to provide the parents with some peace of mind. FamiSafe is a kid tracker app that is capable of providing the location of their kids as well as complete control of their kids’ phone.

Reasons to choose FamiSafe app over other parental control app

FamiSafe is one of the most trusted parental controls as well as location tracker app. Besides providing the location of the kids it also provides the most advanced features from filtering age-inappropriate content to managing screen time. So, FamiSafe is capable of providing complete control of the kids’ phone within your phone. FamiSafe is also compatible with the devices of android, apple as well as kindle. And with the help of the simple tools, this phone tracker app can provide the following features and benefits to its users:

Feature 1: Tracking the location of the kid


  • With the help of GPS location tracker, this app can provide the parents with the real-time location, record of history of location of the kids and also helps in setting geo-fences that will notify the parents whenever the kids leave the geo-fence locations.
  • The parents won’t need to call their kids once every hour to know where they are as they can be able to know the approximate location of the kids all the time. And the parents will also be notified if something unusual happens in the kids phone.
  • The parents can check whether their kids are going to the places where they are required to go and also when they are returning back home.

Feature 2: Access to kids mobile and total control of the devices as well


  • The FamiSafe app enables the parents to access the search history as well as the user database of their kids’ phone.
  • The parents will know whenever an app is installed and deleted in their kid’s phone and also know the exact amount of time the kid is spending on each app.
  • Whenever the kid receives a message, the parent will be able to read it and if the message is inappropriate, then the parent can delete or take action in order to prevent his or kid from reading it.
  • The parents can block the cell phones of the kids during specific times of the day to prevent the kids from using the phone during those times.
  • The parents might block apps, websites, social media posts which they find inappropriate for their kids and prevent their kids from watching, reading or listening to any contents from those sites.

These are some of the most important benefits provided by the FamiSafe parental control app and the best thing about the app is that the parent can perform all of the above mentioned things remotely, no matter in which corner of the world he or she is. Besides, with one FamiSafe subscription, a parent will be able to control a number of devices and hence can keep an eye on all the gadgets that are being used by his kids.

FamiSafe charges

The charges of subscription of FamiSafe depend on the duration of the subscription as well as the platform from which the app is installed. The average charges are $9.99 for monthly subscription, $19.99 for quarterly subscription and $59.99 for yearly subscription.

To download the FamiSafe app click any of the following links

From Apple app store

From Amazon store

From Google play store:


So, if you a parent who is always anxious about the whereabouts of your kids, surely download FamiSafe and check your kids’ mobile activities as well as whereabouts even from miles away.


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